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This online package combines the best of both worlds of my Interior Design Consultation and my Not Your Average Color Consultation. By purchasing these together, you save $150, and it is the best way to get a great design plan for your whole house by considering all aspects of your design including your color at one time!

For the Interior Design consultation, we will go over your whole house and try to use your existing belongings as much as possible. I will make recommendations on things I think would work well for your design and things to consider replacing. You may already know furnishings or accessories you want to replace.  Let me know that before the review so I can consider these ideas in your recommendations.

I will give you general ideas such as purchase a sofa, love seat and 2 chairs or a sectional of a certain style and color in the review. Or purchase art of a certain size with certain colors or in a certain style to meet your objectives. To select specific pieces from the recommendations, you may add additional time and I can help you with the selections. developing a shopping list and ordering.

I will also give you recommendations for furniture and accessory arrangements styling, and how to put all your puzzle pieces together in a new way!

For the color consultation, I will consider your fixed finishes such as flooring, counter tops and architectural elements, as well as furnishings and art that you know you want to use and I will develop a color palette including up to 5 colors with trim and ceiling colors. If needed, I may have you take color measurements using a Color Muse (available at Amazon or Sherwin Williams. I will show you how to use it and you send me the color data). This can help us narrow down exact colors if needed to work with your fixed finishes, and provides me color data to come up with a perfect color palette for you.

What You Get

  • A complete review of  all the rooms in your house with recommendations to improve your design, arrangements, colors, styling and more by room using primarily what you already have.
  • *Suggestions where I think  new items could make a worthwhile difference in your design
  • Tips and examples on styling such as how to make a bed, hang towels, style a coffee table or bookcase.
  • A color palette for your interior including up to 5 colors with trim and ceiling colors. You can use the colors in different rooms. I will provide 3 variations to choose from.
  • Written recommendations by room.
  • Video conference or phone call to discuss your recommendations and answer any questions.
  • Complimentary review of your after photos after you have completed your  design to give you any final tips.

How it Works

  • Review my Letter of Agreement/Terms of Service and make payment using the purchase button.
  • I will email you a New Project Questionnaire for the Interior Design consultation  where you can upload your images for each room. I will also send you a color consultation questionnaire to learn about your color preferences and the colors of your existing furniture and finishes.
  • I will review each room and create recommendations by room.
  • When that is complete, I will send you my recommendations and we can schedule a video conference call or phone call where I can go over my recommendations with you.
  • Send your after photos after your design is complete for a complimentary review and any final tips.

*If I have recommended  new items for your design and you would like me to help you select these items and provide a shopping list, concept board, floor plan or 3D render, you can add on an additional design package such as Full Service Edesign, Refresh Edesign or a floor plan for particular rooms. If you would just like some help selecting new decor items, you can add additional design time for this using my Designer on Call service at my hourly rate. Time needed will vary based on your needs. I can give you recommendations and an estimate after we complete your design consultation.

Have Questions? Give me a call.

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Mary Ann

Interior Design and Color Consultation- $750.00

Includes 4 hours of my time

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Additional Designer on Call Time- 1 hour-$125/hour

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By purchasing, you are agreeing to my Letter of Agreement and Terms of Service


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