Energy Art for Interior Design

Energy Art for Interior Design

What is Energy Art and How Can it Change My Life?

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of my digital art, where the fusion of AI and Fractal art unfolds in mesmerizing harmony and supportive energy. 


Guided by the power of language, and the ingenuity of algorithms, I communicate my artistic vision to the AI, refining and perfecting it until it resonates with my vision. 


Then, a captivating dance begins as I craft intricate energy-infused fractal art which I add in layers to the design. Fractals are sacred geometry that express the building blocks of life.

Energy Art for Interior Design
RAVEN MEDICINE- MAGIC. Ravens are associated with magic and the unknown. Things we can learn from ravens are most importantly, to be open to magic, and notice when it happens around you. That means being present and aware of what is happening now, rather than in your head thinking of the millions of things you need to do.

My computer screen becomes the playground where I interlace my AI-generated images with the bewitching patterns of fractals, creating a symphony of colors, textures, dimensions, and detail.


But my art goes beyond the beauty. Embedded within each creation lies a unique energy message, carefully crafted to support you. My own energy infuses the artwork with a positive force that resonates with what you need to support you in your space.

UNVEILING TIME WALL ART. Ever feel like you have been somewhere before, or have a memory from a distant time or place you have never been? Is it a past memory, briefly showing you something behind the veil of time?


I love exploring the endless possibilities and pushing the boundaries of digital art to unveil the unseen, weaving threads of meaning and energy into the essence of the art.

My art transcends into the extraordinary, offering an immersive experience that helps you reach your potential to be who you truly are. With colors that bring you joy, textures that beckon to be touched, and intricate details that unravel like secrets, my art invites you to embark on a transformational journey.

Energy Art for Interior Design
IT'S JUST THE MOON WALL ART. Have you noticed yet how the phases of the moon affect you and others? Do you feel great when the moon is full or like hiding under the covers? The moon affects the oceans, why not you? When the energy around you seems crazy, don't worry, it's just the moon" .

How Does Energy Art Relate to the Design of my Home?

My Aligned Design method is a transformative approach that beautifully weaves the essence of energy and personal connection into the fabric of your home.


At its core, it delves into the energy of your living space and taps into your unique needs and aspirations.

Starting with the energy art, each stroke and hue crafted with intention, the creation becomes a powerful symbol, reflecting and supporting your innate potential. The energy art portrait, a vivid representation of your inner self, becomes the pivotal centerpiece, guiding the entire design journey.

Ichel Francis Energy Art Portrait
Energy art portrait of Ichel Francis of the Godess Moon Circle.

Drawing inspiration from the energy art, the method beautifully harmonizes your home’s design and color scheme. Every element and choice is now imbued with a deeper purpose, aligning with your essence and creating an environment that nurtures and empowers.


Beyond the mere aesthetics, the Aligned Design method is a soulful experience—a transformative journey of self-discovery and self-expression. It not only encompasses the visual appeal of your living space but also considers the unseen, energetic dimensions that influence your well-being and happiness.


Through this method, your home becomes a sanctuary, a reflection of your authentic self, and a source of inspiration and support. As the energy art infuses the space with positive energy, it radiates its effects throughout your life, fostering growth, harmony, and balance.


Fireweed Office GIF


In the realm of Aligned Design, the artistry goes beyond the visible, inviting you to explore the uncharted territory of energy and intentionality. It is a beautiful testament to the power of intertwining artistic expression, personal connection, and the nurturing embrace of your home—a space where you can thrive, flourish, and be truly aligned with your highest potential.

How to Use Energy Art

Energy Art Home Decor

Adorn your home with energy art, transforming everyday walls and home decor into powerful affirmations that nourish and uplift you. This unique art form serves as a radiant reminder of your goals, dreams, and the positive energies you wish to invite into your space.

Art Prints

I have several artist studios which produce different products with my designs. All carry wall art, but each also has some exclusive products.

Fine Art America/Pixels is my first choice for purchasing wall art and home decor.  They ship worldwide and have the best international shipping rates. See my website.

Society 6 has the most extensive collection of home decor, furniture and rugs.  

ArtPal is my favorite to find the largest print sizes available. You can find canvas prints up to 52″ x 72′.

Energy Art Portraits

Consider commissioning an energy art portrait—a reflection of your spirit when you are being true to who you are. It serves as a vivid prompt, encouraging you to consistently embrace and showcase your authentic self, celebrating the uniqueness that is inherently you. Or try my Aligned Design consultation, which includes an energy art portrait with your design and color consultation.

Wearable Energy Art


But don’t limit energy art to the confines of your home. Wear it. Drape yourself in vibrant designs that do more than just accessorize; they revitalize your energy,  acting as wearable affirmations that constantly envelop you in positive vibes.

Harness the power of energy art in your surroundings, your portraits, and even in your wardrobe. Allow it to light the way in your journey, celebrating your authenticity, and providing a source of strength that encourages you to reach for your highest potential every day. 

My Shop on Le Galeriste


Vida has an extensive collection of Wearable Art, tops, scarves and made from eco-friendly materials and some of the proceeds go to supporting literacy, education and women’s rights in a variety of countries. They also have my art on beautiful glass trays, only found at Vida.

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