What is Energy Art?

Energy Art for Interior Design

What is Energy Art?

I infuse my emotions, intentions, and energy into the artwork I create, to convey specific qualities or benefits—such as prosperity—to you. As you engage with the art, you absorb the intended emotions and intentions, and align them with your own energy. This dynamic interaction generates a powerful force that resonates with your intentions, essentially harnessing the energy in the artwork and combining it with your own to attract and manifest what you want.

How? Emotions, which are energy in motion, serve as a catalyst for this connection.

Energy art is the foundation of  Interior Design that not only is beautiful but is transformative and enriches your life by expressing your true essence and supporting your potential.

Energy art can form the foundation of your home’s style, aesthetic and color palette, and serves as a reminder to walk your path with heart.

There are several ways you can incorporate the power of energy art in your home to enhance your life.

  • Use it as the foundation for your Interior Design
  • Use it to enhance your existing design
  • Create a statement piece with a personal expression of your energy through an energy art portrait
  • Wear it!

However you use it, energy art can transform your life.

It unveils the unseen, weaving threads of meaning and energy into the essence of art, offering an immersive experience that helps you reach your potential to be who you truly are. With colors that bring you joy, textures that beckon to be touched, and intricate details that unravel like secrets, I invite you to embark on a transformational journey.


The energy art I create is a digital collage of AI and fractal art, with layers of meaning, both visual and subliminal created to express your essence and support your potential. See examples in the video below.

Try One of These Options

Try one of the options mentioned above to add the magic of energy art to your life.

Create a Foundation for Your Interior Design with A Design Consultation That Includes Custom Art

Unlock your potential with three custom designs that resonate with your authentic self. This art becomes the cornerstone of your home’s color palette and interior aesthetics, and ties everything together. This works hand in hand with an Aligned Design consultation which includes and Interior Design, Color and Energy consultation and custom art (Learn More).  

Online or In Person?

Commission Art to Compiment Your Existing Interior Design

Why not commission art to compliment your existing design and color scheme? I create custom designs for you, for your wall art or home decor. Learn More.

Commission custom energy art.

Shine Your Light with an Energy Art Portrait

Experience the unique allure of an energy art portrait, capturing your radiance and illuminating your journey towards realizing your full potential.  Includes a framed print that is shipped to you and an artist statement. Learn More.

Elevate Your Space with Art and Home Decor

Elevate your living space with energy art home decor that seamlessly blends with your existing decor while nurturing the personal transformations you seek. Great if you Interior Design is already complete and you would like to select from existing designs to add to what you already have in place. Explore the collections on Pixels or Society6 to find your perfect match. If you need assistance, purchase some time with me as your design coach.

Art Prints

Wearable Art

Wear energy art. Celebrate the masterpiece you are and enhance your energy with wearable art designs at Le Galeriste.

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