One of a kind fractal art for Interior Design by Mary Ann Benoit of Northern Lights Home Staging and Design available for sale at SSP Studio and Gallery in Anchorage AK and Society 6.

Fractal Art for Interior Design

What is Fractal Art?

I love working with an art form called fractal art to create beautiful pieces that are perfect for your Interior Design project! Brilliant colors, textures and the incredible detail are possible with Fractal art.

Fractal art is a form of computer or digital art developed in the 1980’s. It is a  form of algorithmic art created by calculating fractal objects which create still and moving images.  Bottom line? It is abstract art created by math. Luckily, I don’t have to do the math myself!!

Creating fractal art is like traveling through a kaleidoscope that has no beginning or end.  When traveling, you find a place you want to stop and stay a while. While there,  you can manipulate the color, texture, light, shine, spectrum, hue and other elements around you until you have created the perfect place, and then you save it as an image. Sometimes I go a little too far playing with the elements and I ruin what I have made but can not go back. So I feel lucky when I can capture the perfect image. It is impossible to ever find that place again if I did want to replicate it…it would be like finding a single drop of water within the ocean. That is why each piece is one of a kind.

Working with fractal art is a little like meditation and color therapy mixed together. As a person that totally loves color, I am in my happy place!

To learn more, see my blog article, The Magic of Fractal Art.

How Can Fractal Art Make My Life Better?

Fractal Art is Sacred Geometry that expresses the building blocks of life and the definition of beauty and harmonious energy. Surrounding yourself with it creates harmonious energy in your space and reminds you of what is truly important and who you are.

There are numerous ways to benefit from Fractal Art.

Aligned Design of Your Home

  • Tie your Interior Design and colors together throughout your home to create harmony with my Aligned Design consultation or purchasing art from one of my studios.  Here is an example of a modern global style office I created using my “Spring” fractal art collection.

Fireweed Office GIF

Energy Art Accents and Products

  • Remind you of what is important by expressing energy concepts in your art, home decor, office products or wearable art.

Energy Art Portraits

  • Remind you to shine your light and be who you are meant to be with energy art portraits.

Greeting Cards

  • Share the beauty of fractal art with others through gift or beautiful greeting cards.
Say thank you with a beautiful fractal art Gratitude card.
I Love Your Energy
Perfect for anyone you love or admire.

Where Can I Buy Your Fractal Art?

My fractal art is available through several of my artist studios which produce different products with my designs. All carry wall art, but otherwise, each has some different products that are exclusive to them.

Photography Prints

Fine Art America is my first choice for purchasing wall art and home decor.  They ship worldwide and have the best international shipping rates.


ArtPal is my favorite to find the largest print sizes available. You can find canvas prints up to 52″ x 72′.


See My Store at Society 6


Vida has a more extensive collection of Wearable Art, tops, scarves and more made from eco-friendly materials and some of the proceeds go to supporting literacy, education and women’s rights in a variety of countries.