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Interior Design Services, in person and online, by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design

I look forward to helping you with your Interior Design projects.

I recommend starting with and Aligned Design consultation to lay the foundation for your design of a room. Learn more.

If you have different needs, check out my Design Coach package where I can work with you on whatever you need.

I can help you with my services in person in my service area, or online wherever you live.  Online or virtual design is also called Edesign is a convenient and budget-friendly solution to revamping your space, accomplished through a dynamic online collaboration between you and me online. Whether it’s your entire home or just a single room, we work together to create a design plan that you can execute at your own pace, aligning perfectly with your energy, schedule and financial considerations.

I recommend beginning with an Aligned Design consultation, which can be done online, and which lays the foundation of your design. Just like our bodies, our homes function as holistic systems; every element should sync harmoniously to create a space that truly mirrors your essence. This means incorporating colors, designs, and energy that align with you, your environment, and your identity. The goal is to create spaces that not only look and feel great, but also empowers you to live your best life. This consultation if done for a main room can set the foundation for continuing design work. It inludes a design and color consultation and custom art for one room.  Learn more.

Following the creation of our initial plan, if you need further assistance, such as in sourcing specific furniture or decor items, I can extend my support through my Design Coach service.

My Design Coach service is also great if you need help but the Aligned Design consultation does not meet your needs.


I can help you find the perfect decor, create a realistic render of the final result, craft a detailed floor plan, shop with you or answer all your questions. With EDesign, the perfect space that’s uniquely yours is just a click away, regardless of where you live.

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How Does it Work?

1. Lay the Foundation

The Aligned Design Consultation provides a holistic approach to revamping a space, intertwining elements of art, science, and energy to breathe new life into your chosen room. With a focus on one significant area such as your living room, this service acts as a foundation, setting the tone for the rest of your home.

This comprehensive consultation involves approximately eight hours of my dedicated expertise and includes an Interior Design, Color, and Energy consultation as well as three pieces of custom-designed energy art.

With this in-depth consultation, you’re not only redesigning a room but reshaping a lifestyle, transforming your space into a haven of tranquility and inspiration. Learn More. 

Design and Color Consultation, aligning art, science and energy. 6 hours. Learn More. 

Online or In Person?

2. Build on Your Foundation

Now that we’ve laid the foundation with your personalized energy portrait, identified elements that need to be introduced or eliminated from your life, and established a color scheme, expanding on this becomes a seamless process. Every additional room we revamp contributes to the energy momentum that we’re building to nurture your personal growth.

For each subsequent room, we’ll craft a plan that builds on the previous designs, ensuring a harmonious and cohesive aesthetic throughout your home. There’s no need for a new energy art portrait for every room, thus making future consultations more cost-effective. This iterative approach not only enhances the visual coherence of your home but also strengthens the positive energy ambiance that’s tailored to support you.

A transformational design experience that aligns Art, Science and Energy to Make Magic Happen in your Home and Life. Includes Interior Design, Color and Energy alignment advice to create a space perfectly aligned with you. We'll use Energy Art, personalized to reflect your true self, as the foundation of your space's transformation. does not include and energy art portrait
Online or In Person?

Final Touches, or Help With Other Projects

Whether you just have a few questions, or you are adding the finishing touches after working with my Aligned Design process,  I can help.

Think of me as your personal design coach, here to answer all your questions, provide expert guidance, and accompany you on your design journey. From brainstorming and shopping to creating floor plans and stunning renders, I’m your partner in creating or finding the perfect decor for your space.

Think of me as your personal design coach, here to answer all your questions, provide expert guidance, and accompany you on your design journey. From brainstorming and shopping to creating floor plans and stunning renders, I'm your partner in finding and selecting the perfect decor for your space.
Online or In Person?

Other Design Services

If you just need help selecting paint colors, try my Color Consultation.  If you need help with home staging, check out my Home Staging Consultation. If you need help updating the look of your vacation rental, try my Vacation Rental Consultation.

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