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Aligned Design

Aligning Art, Science, and Energy
to Make Magic Happen in your Home and Life.

When your space is better, you are better.
When you are better, the world is better. 
The world needs you.

Aligned Design creates a home that Looks Great, Feels Great and supports you to BE Great.


 I believe a holistic approach that aligns art, science, and energy is what makes the magic happen to create your perfect space. 

My Aligned Design system does just that in a totally unique way, to give you extraordinary results.  Whether you are creating a beautiful room, selling your home, or sprucing up your business to attract your ideal customer and increase your income, Aligned Design gets results.

Wherever you live, I can help you with my Edesign online services.

Staging for a Quick Sale- Mary Ann Benoit is the President of Northern Lights Home Staging and Design at northernlightsstaging.com.

Mary Ann

How Does it Work?

EDesign is Interior Design of your space done entirely or partially online through a collaborative process between you and me!  It is convenient, fast, and affordable.

We can work together on your whole house or just one room. Once you have your design plan, you can implement it as your schedule and budget allow. I’m your designer and coach, helping you create the perfect space that is perfectly aligned with you!

Where to begin? Let’s look at the big picture first and develop a plan before you buy anything with an Aligned Design consultation.

 Why? Your house is a holistic system, just like your body. All the parts need to be present and working together to create the perfect space for you. The colors, design, and energy should be harmonious and compatible with you and your environment and express who you truly are.  Then it will look great, feel great and support you to be great, living the life you dream of, aligned with who you truly are.

My Aligned Design consultation is the best place to start.

We work together on Zoom or Facetime, starting with a tour of your space and questions to determine what you want and need.  I look for opportunities to re-arrange or use in new ways pieces you already have. We discuss what can be removed or added to make the biggest difference. We review your colors and finishes and using color science and I recommend changes to make your color extraordinary by perfectly working with what you have and creating the energy and feeling you want for particular spaces.

I design custom art and home decor that can tie it all together and remind you of things that are important to you and the direction you are going in life.  

Once we have a plan, if you still need more help finding specific items such as furniture and decor, I can help you with one of my other Edesign packages.

I can help you find decor, create a render to show you the end result, create a floor plan or whatever you need with one of my Edesign packages such as Full Service or Refresh Edesign.

1. Start with a Plan

My Aligned Design consultation is an 8-hour combination of an Interior Design and Color Consultation mixed with an energy analysis of your home and it’s the environment that gives you an overall direction and includes some custom art designed just for you to pull it all together. The art will be added to my store on Society 6 where you can purchase it as wall art, curtains, pillows, furniture and more.

Design and Color Consultation, aligning art, science and energy. 6 hours. Learn More. 

Online or In Person?

2. Get Specific

Start with an Aligned Design consultation to develop a holistic plan. As time and budget allow, work on the specifics such as selecting new furniture and decor. If you need to visualize the final result, try Full-Service Edesign, which includes a render or picture of what it will look like. Or, try my Refresh Edesign, or a floor plan if you just need help with furniture arrangements.

Full Service Edesign. Concept board, floor plan, shopping list, set up instructions, complementary ordering service and a 3D render so you can visualize everything together.
Everything you need to redo your decor for that important room. Learn More.
Refresh Edesign. Northern Lights Home Staging and Design. concept BOARD, FLOOR PLAN, SHOPPING LIST, SET UP INSTRUCTIONS, and COMPLEMENTARY ORDERING SERVICE.
Everything you get with Full Service Edesign minus the 3D Render.Learn More. .
Everything you need to get the perfect layout of your space.Learn More.

What if I just need a little advice?

Sometimes you may just need a little professional advice on a smaller area or help selecting between different design choices.   A 2 hour consultation or some coaching time with me can be helpful for smaller projects.

Interior Design Consultation-Online
Overall guidance and a plan for updating your home. 2 hours. Learn More.
Designer on Call, Northern Lights Home Staging and Design Edesign packages
Let me be your design coach as you do it yourself. Pick my brain, get all your questions answered, bounce ideas off me, see if things you have really work together. Take me on a virtual shopping trip. Coaching card starts at 2 hours. Greater discounts the more hours you buy..Learn More.

What if I am just need paint color advice?

Color and Interior Design work hand in hand and should be done together with my Aligned Design consultation which includes a color consultation.

If you are just changing your exterior paint colors and will not be doing interior work, one of these color consultations may work for you. 

Having problems picking the right color because you are stumped by so called “undertones”? Are the paint colors you have selected shifting blue, green or another color once they are on the wall? Not sure how to pick the right white? Wondering what paint colors will go with the countertops you have selected for your kitchen or bath remodel? Wondering if that countertop will go with your existing flooring or other fixed finishes? Not sure how to find the right paint colors to go with that rug, piece of art or furniture that you want to use in your design? I can take the guesswork out of all of these things by using color measurements. Northern Lights Home Staging and Design. Certified Color Strategist.
Stop stressing over picking your paint colors and finishes with a science-based Color Consultation. 2 hours. Learn More.
Will these colors work? Color Consultation uses color data to tell you if the specific color palette you have selected will work harmoniously together and gives recommendations for adjustments if needed. #certifiedcolorstrategist #colorconsultation #pickingpaintcolors #paintcolors #interiorpaint #exteriorpaint #colorfulhome
Have you selected paint colors but are worried whether they really go together? I'll review the color data and let you know if they will work or suggest adjustments. Learn More.

Home Staging and Vacation Rental Design

Try one of my 2-hour consultations and get results!

Sell your house fast and for more and attract your ideal buyer.

At your vacation rental,  increase your bookings and income and attract your ideal customer.

Online Home Staging Consultation
Perfect if you will be living in the home while it is listed. Learn everything you need to stage it yourself and sell fast and for more. 2 hours. Learn More.
 Running a home based business, like a Bed and Breakfast or vacation rental?  Increase your income and bookings and attract your ideal guests .2 hours.Learn More.

Need help figuring out your style? Try this quiz.

What's Your Global Design Style? Take this fun quiz to find out. Northern Lights Home Staging and Design #globalstyle #designstyle #interiordesign #onlinedesign #stylequiz #interiordesignquiz #interiorstylequiz

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