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Imagine. Buyers walk into your for-sale home and love it. They can picture themselves living there and say things like, “Wow, this would be a perfect place for my office or for the kids to play”. They can visualize how their furniture will fit. It is clean and spacious and It is move in ready. Your beautifully staged home just made the sale quick and for top dollar. Get a professional home staging consultation today. Have you considered what this is going to cost you not to do it? 

Home staging is the art of decorating a home to sell fast and for top dollar. It works by highlighting the home’s best features and creating an atmosphere that buyers make an emotional connection with, so they can visualize themselves living there. Each year statistics come out that talk about things like staged homes sell 78% faster and for up to 20% more. Of course, this all depends on how well you or the realtor markets the home and if it is priced competitively to start with. Home staging is all about the buyer! Home staging also works to market your vacation rental or other rental properties.

Just about every call I get starts with how much  does it cost, and how does it work? This video is for you!

To learn more about all your home staging options, see my blog article, Home Staging- how it Works and What it Costs. 

You have Choices- Pick the the Best

Mary Ann Benoit offer 5 tips to find the best home stager in Alaska

Mary Ann Benoit is the only professional home stager in Alaska that is also an Interior Designer. She is also the only Certified Color Strategist in Alaska and one of the few in the nation. If you are investing in home staging, why not get the best? Let’s get the highest price for your property and save you money and stress by selling fast.  

Your investment will always cost less than your first price reduction if your home sits on the market because you went with a less experienced stager or didn’t stage at all!

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Who is Home Staging For?

For Home Sellers

I can stage your home, whether it is vacant or you are living in it while listed. We start with a home staging consultation that includes a thorough interior and exterior evaluation, market research, and a complete action plan to help buyers fall in love with your house. With this plan you can do the work yourself, or I can help you with all or part of the staging based on your needs and budget. Make your house stand out among the competition so you can sell your house quickly and for top dollar.  Make a smart investment in staging! To learn more, see our report, FAQs for Home Sellers on Home Staging.

For Realtors

I assist your clients so your listings have great photos, show well, sell quickly and for a higher commissions for you. Staging is generally paid for by your clients. To find out more see my report FAQs for Realtors on Home Staging 

For Builders and Real Estate Investors

I help your buyers visualize living in your new home by furnishing and decorating it so you can sell quickly. After all that hard work and investment, get your money back now and get the most for your investment.  

For Vacation Rental or Other Rental Property Owners

Let’s update the look of your vacation rental property to get great advertising photos and increase your income and bookings while attracting your ideal customer with Vacation Rental Staging. I can assist you with a website  review and social media advertising for your listing.

Home Staging Options

All staging services start with a home staging consultation done in person or online.

Occupied Home Staging

Do you plan to live in your home while it’s listed? Excellent, I can work primarily with what you already have and save you money on rental fees. Here are two examples. The first sold the first day on the market for full asking price! The second sold within 3 weeks.

Vacant Home Staging

If your home will be vacant, I can bring in everything.  Vacant homes are hard to sell because buyers do not make an emotional connection with them.  This vacant house had been on the market for several years and then sold in 7 weeks after staging. 

Ready to Sell Fast and For More?

Get your online  or in person home staging or vacation rental staging consultation or staging service today. Click on the pictures to learn more. For full staging services, call for a custom quote.

Online or In Person?
Online or In Person?

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