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About Me- Mary Ann Benoit of Northern Lights Home Staging and Design

Hi, I’m Mary Ann, and I am an energy artist and Interior Designer that weaves magic by creating energetically powerful art and spaces that transform your life.

When your space is better, you are better. When you are better, the world is better. And the world needs you”.


Mary Ann Benoit

I believe in the power of energy, and that energy art forms the cornerstone of exceptional design and spaces that reflect and support you. My mission is to create art and spaces that align with your true self and propel you towards your full potential—which then naturally attracts wealth, health, love, and well-being into your life.

Why? Because bringing you into alignment with your authentic self, brings me joy and propels me to reach my own potential. My creative drive stems from my awe of the magic of nature, joy I feel connecting with animals, my love of the transformative power of color, and the feeling of connection I experience with unseen energies that bind us all. The sensation is like the “WOW” moment we feel when witnessing the northern lights, which inspired the name of my business. I open that door for you to experience that awe and connection too.

In my holistic Aligned Design system, I merge the magic of energy art with a unique design perspective. Join me on a journey to the extraordinary.

What Do People Love Finding Out About Me?

  • My idea of beauty was shaped by working as a wildlife biologist in the wilds of Alaska. Yup, there were lots of bears.
  • The energy art I create is inspired by spiritual energy concepts and things I have learned from animals, teaching Tai Chi and Persian dance. 
  • I became a digital energy artist by accident.
  • Several years ago I did a 100 day challenge to create and share art everyday. I loved it so much I never stopped.
  • For fun, I play drums, dance, volunteer for Rotary, and as a Historic Preservation Commissioner, and feed flocks of crows peanuts from my balcony while my kitty Clementine enjoys the show.
  • I am an animal communicator and passed a master class in animal telepathy.

Want to learn more? See my bio here.

Artist Mary Ann Benoit with her Prosperity #11 energy art, an AI/fractal art collage designed to attract prosperity.
Me and my "Prosperity #11" Energy Art.
All color can be measured
Using color science on Clementine, who happens to perfectly match Sherwin Williams's "Caviar" paint color.

If you want to express the essence of who you truly are, and create a space that supports you to reach your full potential, I’m your person. 

My philosophy also works for increasing sales in your business or selling a home. Let’s attract your ideal customers to your business or sell your home fast and for more. Let’s create experiences that resonate and create transformation for you or your customers. 

Energy Art

I created digital energy art, including fractal art (sacred geometry) and AI art that is infused with energy to support you.  I love layering the two together to create visually stunning images with subliminal messages.

Mary Ann Benoit with her "Crow Medicine #2" AI/fractal energy art collage.
Mary Ann Benoit with her "Crow Medicine #2" AI/fractal energy art collage.

Since joining Fine Art America in 2022, the art I create has been featured over 660 times in 25 different artists groups. See it here. Here are some of the latest creations.

Art Prints

Features, Media, Awards and Mentions

Get to Know Me

Watch or listen to video interviews or podcasts I have done on the In The Media page or see Saturday Night Live Art Shows on YouTube.  Here is a recent interview I did on the energy art I create.


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