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Color Consultations

  • Struggling to pick the perfect paint color due to confusing “undertones”?

  • Does your chosen paint color unexpectedly shift to blue, green, or another shade once it’s on your wall?

  • Unsure about how to select the right white, or what paint colors will match your newly chosen kitchen or bath countertops?

  • Concerned whether those countertops will complement your existing flooring or fixed finishes?

  • Puzzling over the right paint colors to pair with your rug, artwork, or furniture for your design?

    I can help navigate these challenges using the art and science of color.


Achieve a Color-Perfect Home

As Alaska’s sole certified color strategist, and one of the few in the country, I leverage color science alongside solid design acumen to get your colors spot-on from the start.

Be it selling or refreshing your home or business, color has a huge impact on how the space feels, its selling price, or in drawing in your ideal clients.

A fresh coat of paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to reinvent your home! Nearly half of all paint sales are made by individuals rectifying color errors. Make the right choice initially and save money!

If you’re selling your home, color can boost or slash the sales price. Utilize it to your advantage.

Through a color consultation, I can:

  • Suggest paint colors and sheens.
  • Assist you in choosing fabrics and accessories.
  • Aid in furniture or finish selection.
  • Choose colors to attract buyers and raise your home’s selling price.


I can collaborate with you either in-person within my service area or online.

Call 907-362-0065 for a custom quote for a local color consultation.


Stop stressing about picking your paint colors and finishes with this science-based 2-hour color consultation. Learn More.

Online or In Person?

Do You Really Need a Design and Color Consultation?

Most people need both, because they go hand in hand. It is impossible to do good design without considering color or to give you a great color palette without considering all the things in your home.

The most holistic option, considers art, science, and energy with my Aligned Design consultation. It is like a Design/Color/Energy consultation for your home. Learn More.

A transformational design experience that aligns Art, Science and Energy to Make Magic Happen in your Home and Life. Includes Interior Design, Color and Energy alignment advice to create a space perfectly aligned with you. We'll use Energy Art, personalized to reflect your true self, as the foundation of your space's transformation.
Online or In Person?

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Make More on Your Home Sale with the Right Paint Colors

Color Your Way to a Swift and Profitable Home Sale with These Top Paint Colors NORTHERN LIGHTS HOME STAGING AND DESIGN

Updated for 2023. Studies show some colors in specific rooms,  increased the sales price in homes. Why? Color affects emotion and buyers buy on emotion!  This report gives you six specific color recommendations per room to help sell your house for more based on study results, top paint sales and professional experience. Mary Ann Benoit is a certified color expert and color strategist and professional home stager. Download now. Price: $4.99.

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Get “Color Your Way to a Swift and Profitable Home Sale with These Top Paint Colors”, a $4.99 value, free when you subscribe to my monthly tips on color, design and home staging.


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