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Color Consultations
Color Consultations

  • Have problems picking the right color because you are stumped by so-called “undertones”?
  • Are the paint colors you have selected shifting blue, green, or another color once they are on the wall?
  • Not sure how to pick the right white?
  • Wondering what paint colors will go with the countertops you have selected for your kitchen or bath remodel?
  • Wondering if that countertop will go with your existing flooring or other fixed finishes?
  • Not sure how to find the right paint colors to go with that rug, piece of art, or furniture that you want to use in your design?

I can take the guesswork out of all of these things by using the art and science of color.


Get a Color-Perfect Home

I am the only certified color strategist in Alaska, and one of the few in the country. I use color science mixed with good design sense to get your colors right the first time. 

Mary Ann Benoit is the only certified color strategist in Alaska
Mary Ann Benoit is the only certified color strategist in Alaska


Whether you are selling or updating your home or business, color makes a huge difference in how you feel in the space, how much you sell for, or in attracting your ideal customers.


Changing your paint colors is one of the cheapest ways to redecorate your home!  Almost 50% of paint sales are to people that made color mistakes and are trying to fix them. Do it right the first time and save money!


If you are selling your home, color can increase or decrease the sales price. Use it to your advantage.


With a color consultation, I can:

  • Recommend paint colors and sheens.
  • Help you select fabrics and accessories.  
  • Help you select furniture or finishes.
  • Select colors for your home sale to appeal to buyers and increase your sales price.

I can work with you in person in my service area or online.



Call 907-362-0065 for a custom quote for a local color consultation.


Not Your Average Color Consultation

Stop stressing about picking your paint colors and finishes with this science-based 2-hour color consultation. Learn More.

Online or In Person?

Do You Really Need a Design and Color Consultation?

Most people need both, because they go hand in hand. It is impossible to do good design without considering color or to give you a great color palette without considering all the things in your home.

The most holistic option, considers art, science, and energy with my Aligned Design consultation. It is like a Design/Color/Energy consultation for your home. Learn More.

Aligned Design aligns art, science and energy to make magic happen in your home.
Online or In Person?