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Vacation Rental Consultation- Learn More

What You Get

  • A complete review of your vacation rental and recommendations to improve your design, arrangements, colors, styling and more to attract your ideal guest and increase your rental price and bookings.
  • A report outlining the recommendations.
  • Video conference to discuss your recommendations and answer any questions.
  • Suggestions where I think some new items could make a worthwhile difference in your design
  • Tips and examples on styling such as how to make a bed, hang towels, style a coffee table or bookcase.
  • Tips on how to identify and attract your ideal customer.
  • Complimentary review after you have completed your Redesign of your after photos to give you any final tips.

How it Works

  • Make payment  and agree to my Terms of Service
  • I will email you a New Project Questionnaire and a link to upload your images for each room. If you have a website for your vacation rental online now, I can review that as well.
  • I will review each room and create a report of recommendations by room.
  • When that is complete, I will send you my report and we can schedule a videoconference call on Zoom where I can go over my recommendations with you.
  • Once you have completed your updates, I am happy to give you a complimentary review of your after photos or website with any final tweaks of recommendations.

Here is an example of what you can do with your Bed and Breakfast with a consultation.

Vacation Rental Consultation-$500

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Are you attracting your ideal customer now? Consider adding a website review to make sure your branding is working for you and you are getting the guests you want! Happy guests leave great reviews. I will review your website  (up to 1 hour) and give you suggestions for branding, organization and more to attract that ideal guest.

Website Review- $125

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