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Aligned Design inspiration. A portfolio of work displaying energy art, Interior Design, home staging and vacation rental design by Mary Ann Benoit of Northern Lights Home Staging and Design.

Welcome. Each image is a gateway to my unique Aligned Design philosophy, and showcasing a design built on a foundation of  energy art that supports the specific needs of those living in the space to live to their highest potential.


It‘s like a dance where art, science, and energy come together to support your growth and success.


Each picture in the slide show below, may have links to a Saturday Night Live Art Show video, or a blog article, where you can learn more about the art or design.

Get a sense of the energy archetypes or style profiles that I create for my clients as we collaborate together. I don’t have a “style” I cater too- I work with people to find design solutions.


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Here are a few examples of my work.

Saturday Night Live Art Shows

Get inspiration from watching my weekly Saturday Night Live Art Shows, where I showcase unique energy art and home decor in my Edesigns. Dive into how art can beautify and energetically enhance your space and your life.


What is Your Energy Archetype?

What’s energy style are you drawn to? Take the quiz and find out.

What is your energy archetype? What energy style are you drawn to? take the quiz to find out.

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