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Gift Cards

Know someone eager to revitalize their living space and infuse it with a reflection of their current self? An Aligned design consultation is the perfect catalyst for this transformation.

For the art enthusiast yearning for a one-of-a-kind piece that captures their essence, an energy art portrait could be the ideal match.

Navigating the complexities of color selection during a remodeling project? A thoughtful gift could be a color consultation to ensure the perfect palette.

For those on the brink of selling their home, a home staging consultation offers a detailed roadmap for every room, ensuring a swift and lucrative sale.

Moving to a new home and feeling overwhelmed with furniture arrangement, paint choices, or finishes? A design consultation provides clarity for a seamless transition.

During major life changes such as divorce, empty nest syndrome, or new living arrangements, a design consultation becomes a valuable resource for adapting one’s living space.

Gift cards for any of these services make for a considerate and versatile gift for any occasion

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