Energy Art Portraits

Energy Art Portraits

When You Shine Your Light, What Does Your Energy Look Like?

Like the definition of beauty, that goes on for infinity. 

Really. It is called fractals.

Energy Art Portraits are my unique creations that encapsulate your individual energy through the medium of sacred geometry, fractal art, and AI.


How do you perceive yourself? How do those closest to you perceive you, and how does the world that’s yet to know you perceive you? My Energy Art Portraits serve as mirrors reflecting your true essence.


I create these custom, distinctive pieces of art based on photos of you that exude your authentic self, combined with my intuition and artistic interpretation.


Have you ever wondered what your energy would look like if it could shine like a beacon, manifesting the very essence of who you are? Picture it as an infinite pattern of beauty—this is the magic of fractals.


Everything around us is energy – your house, your pet, your thoughts, your gadgets, and you. Our universe is an energy tapestry, where everything is interconnected. Each energy wave interacts with others, resulting in a dynamic cosmic dance.

Some energy waves harmonize and create new waveforms, much like offspring—these are the ‘super children’ or fractals. At other times, non-harmonious waves cancel each other out. Fractals, essentially, are forms of Sacred Geometry—the fundamental blueprint of nature and all that we perceive as beautiful.


Using my energy art and my intuition, I capture your unique energy in a radiant, Sacred Geometry portrait. You can learn more about this fascinating process in my blog article, “Shine Your Light” – Energy Art Portraits.

Some Examples

Joan Marie

Here is an example of an energy art portrait I created for Joan Marie, of Joan Marie Art, with some background on energy and sacred geometry.

What a fabulous vision! …capturing ones’ energy through such expressive and beautiful movement and colors is so powerful and captivating. Your expression of our own dynamic and fluid energy stays in our soul, connecting us with a new and inspiring vision and experience of ourselves! I just love this! Yes, everything is energy! And now you are offering a new way to experience our energy. What an amazing new mirror! Joan Marie

I created this second portrait of Joan Marie a year later, using a different photo.  

Joy- Energy art portrait of Joan Marie

Ohhhhhhhhhh my heart!!!! Ohhh wowww!!! I am soooo totally honored and thrilled!! Wowwwww!!!! How incredibly beautiful and moving!! Joan Marie

Ichel Francis

This is an example of a portrait of Ichel Francis, of the Goddess Moon Circle, Ichel Francis podcast and coach for Jim Fortins Transformational Coaching Program.

Ichel Francis Energy Art Portrait
Ichel Francis Energy Art Portrait.

Beautiful! It is just like a swooping owl! Ichel

Sheryl Benjy

This piece captures the essence of Sheryl Benji, a professional artist and impressionistic painter.

Red Beret with Sheryl Benji
Red Beret by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design for Sheryl Benji.

I felt this piece captured the power I felt within. The colors, shapes and feeling I get from it makes me happy. It brings vibrant energy into my space. I just love it.  Sheryl Benji.


Marieke Photo by Anne-Claire Philippo
“What a beautiful experience to have May Ann open up to your energy and capturing it in an image that goes straight to your heart. An image that lights you up and puts a smile on your face every time it catches your eye. Working with her is a pleasure and she’s both honest and kind as she brings an extra spark of joy into your life.”


Chelsea.Photo by Chunky Photography
Brooke. Body Art for the Soul by Sheryl Benjy

Thank you. You have made me feel so beautiful. Chelsea.

Omg!! I love this!! I can’t stop staring. Sheryl Benji.


    1. Share three words that describe you from your perspective and from others’ views, along with your favorite colors.
    2. Send me a photo that truly represents you.
    3. I’ll make a few sample art pieces and let you pick your favorite.
    4. You’ll receive a framed 8″ x 8″ energy art portrait (total size 13.5″ x 13.5″) in a black wooden frame, printed on Archival Matte Paper with 1/8″ Clear Acrylic – Foam Core Mounting.
    5. I’ll upload a high-resolution image of the portrait, with or without your photo (your choice), to my Fine Art America store for optional additional purchases.
    6. You’ll also receive an artist’s statement detailing the energy I captured in your art piece.


Joan Marie provided this picture with her words (creative, imaginative, fun)  and favorite colors (pink, yellow, aqua).


Joan Marie

Here were three different designs I created, and selected the first one.

Joan Marie design 1
Joan Marie design 2
Joan Marie design 3

I created this energy art portrait of her.

Joy- Energy art portrait of Joan Marie

Here is what the framed art looks like I would ship to her.

Here is the artist statement to go with her art.

artist statement

I upload the design to my studio on, so Joan can purchase home decor with this design if she likes as in the examples below. If you would like to incorporate your energy art into your Interior Design, I can help you with that.

Exploding Heart Throw Pillow
Joy Fractal Energy Art pillow by Mary Ann Benoit.
Joy- fractal art by Mary Ann Benoit
Joy Fractal Energy Art shower curtain by Mary Ann Benoit.
Joy- fractal art by Mary Ann Benoit
Joy Fractal Energy Art Duvet Cover by Mary Ann Benoit.
Joy #2 Duvet cover
Joy #3 framed print
Joy #3 framed print

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Energy Art Portraits