Design Consultation-Learn More

Interior Design Consultation-Learn More

A great package to give you overall guidance and a plan for updating your home before investing in the details of updating particular rooms such as with the Full Service or Refresh Edesign packages.
Let’s take a look at your whole house and see how we can update your look using what you already have as well as some new items you know you need.  We can consider new arrangements,  re-styling,  highlighting your art and accessories in new ways, new paint colors or accent pieces and what and where new items can make the most impact. Includes up to 2 hours of my time. More time or other services can be added if needed. 
Similar to my Redesign package, we will go over your whole house and try to use your existing belongings wherever you want to, but in this case, you probably know you will need some new furnishings or accessories and you let me know that before the review so I can consider these ideas in your recommendations. I will give you general ideas such as purchase a sofa, love seat and 2 chairs or a sectional of a certain style and color in the review. Or purchase art of a certain size with certain colors or in a certain style to meet your objectives. To select specific pieces from the recommendations, you may add additional time and I can help you with the selections. developing a shopping list and ordering.

What You Get

  • A complete review of  all the rooms in your house with recommendations to improve your design, arrangements, colors, styling and more by room using primarily what you already have.
  • A report outlining the recommendations by room.
  • Video conference to discuss your recommendations and answer any questions.
  • *Suggestions where I think  new items could make a worthwhile difference in your design.
  • Tips and examples on styling such as how to make a bed, hang towels, style a coffee table or bookcase.
  • Complimentary review of your after photos after you have completed your implementation of your design to give you any final tips.

How it Works

  • Review my Letter of Agreement/Terms of Service and make payment using the purchase button.
  • I will email you a New Project Questionnaire where you can upload your images for each room.
  • I will review each room and create a report of recommendations by room.
  • When that is complete, I will send you my checklist and we can schedule a video conference call on Zoom where I can go over my recommendations with you.
  • Send your after photos after your redesign is complete for a complimentary review and any final tips.

*If I have recommended  new items for your design and you would like me to help you select these items and provide a shopping list, concept board or 3D render, you can add on an additional design package such as Full Service Edesign, Refresh Edesign or a floor plan for particular rooms. If you would just like some help selecting new decor items, you can add additional design time for this using my Designer on Call service at my hourly rate. Time needed will vary based on your needs. I can give you recommendations and an estimate after we complete your design consultation.

Have Questions? Give me a call.

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Interior Design Consultation- $500.00


Additional Designer on Call Time- 1 hour-$125/hour


By purchasing, you are agreeing to my Letter of Agreement and Terms of Service

Get a gift card for an Interior Design , Color or Home Staging Consultation as a gift for that special someone or give yourself a present! Send me your pictures and we can talk by phone, we can do a video call or walk me through your house using Facetime. Ask me anything.

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