Interior Design Process

Interior Design Process

Whatever the scope of your project, we have a simple Interior Design process we follow so we are working together, and you always know what to expect. No surprises! Making your house beautiful should be fun, not stressful! We will work together with you so you know what the end product will look like, you are sure it is what you want and will love, how long it should take and how much it will cost.

Simpler projects may just use a few of these steps. For example, maybe we will just do the consultation and you will take the information and do it yourself.

Or, if you do not require any trade work or new purchases, we may just spend time on a consultation and some additional hours working on re-designing your space working with what you already have.

Based on your needs, we will work through some or all of these steps.

Step #1 – The Consultation

Every project begins with a consultation which is up to 2 hours of time. Whether it’s a small or large project or even a DIY project you’re looking for guidance on, the consultation is the first step.  Show me your space, pick my brain, and get immediate valuable feedback on solving your design problems. The consultation along with hands on design work may go longer if you like at an additional hourly rate.

Step #2 – The Agreement

At the end of our consultation, if you want to hire me for the project, we will sit down and review my agreement and fees. I charge an hourly rate. For more complex projects, I will ask you to pay for ten hours up front and then blocks of 10 hours as the time is used up in advance of the work to be performed, which we will discuss in advance.

I will send you and your partner a questionnaire and a budget worksheet. I want to know about you, your tastes, your style, how your family lives in the room(s), and what you like or dislike when it comes to colors & patterns. I want to know your comfort level with purchases.  This will give you a chance to examine your budget. You can start to see how things are going to add up and what we will be able to achieve based on the amounts you’re determining as you fill out the worksheets. Once I’ve received your feedback, I can get started on designing your dream home.

Step #3 – Trade Day

This may take a few hours to all-day based on the work needs. You do not need to be present. This is when I will take all of the measurements I’m going to need of your home and furniture that will be staying. I will schedule ALL of the Tradesmen that will be required to complete your project to come and take their measurements to provide bids. It also gives us a chance to brainstorm on the best solutions for your project.

 Step #4 – Design Work

This is when the vision starts coming together. Each tradesman submits proposals to me. I start putting it all together with the wish list & budget you have given me. And I begin the process of sourcing.

All of the furnishings, fixtures, paint colors, tile, window treatments, rugs, and every other detail will be sourced during this time and I will develop a cost estimate based on the range you specified on your budget worksheet. I’ll identify lead times for ordering custom products, such as upholstery.

This process can take 4-6 weeks to complete if we’re doing several rooms. It will be worth it. I will update you weekly via email as to where I’m at in the process, but I will not share the details yet.

Step #5 – The Presentation

The Presentation Meeting is where I show you the design ideas I’ve pulled together for you. We will schedule this meeting at your home. If you’re married or have a live-in partner, they must attend this as well to make sure everyone is on the same page.

We will look at floor plans with the furniture arrangements, mood boards, paint colors, fabric and tile samples, lighting and all the details. What if you don’t like it? We can make revisions if needed. We will go over everything in detail before anything is purchased.

You will need to pay 100% of any purchases before I place the orders. I will be able to give you a general idea of the installation date. You will be paying tradesmen directly, based on their requirements.

Step #6 – Place Orders and Schedule of Trades

Once everything has been approved, purchase orders signed, tradesman orders signed if needed, and payment received, I will move forward with placing orders and scheduling the work. You will receive weekly update emails from me for what is happening with your project, and you can give me dates that I and any tradesmen may have access to your home so that I can develop our Installation Calendar with each Trade.

Step #7 – Initiation of Construction and Renovation

This part can be stressful! Depending on what we’re doing, your house is about to become a construction zone. Please be prepared for some disruption.  This is where the magic starts to happen so hang in there!

I will provide you with a copy of the Installation Calendar so you will know who will be working in your home on any given day, and what we are trying to achieve. I will stop by periodically to check their progress and be 100% certain that everything is working out as we expect. If you have a concern at any point, please contact ME directly and I will discuss it with the Tradesman.

Step #8 – Installation Continues and Receipt of Orders

Some items may take several weeks to come in. Others may be delivered to your home sooner. There may be a delivery fee for hiring the workmen necessary.

Step #10 – Meeting to Review Budget & Future Planning

This meeting will take place with you at your home, and may overlap with Steps 7 & 8. We will review the work being completed by the Tradesmen, and final invoices are now due. This will include the balance due on Design fees; any other costs that have arisen, as well as any credits in case I have gotten a better deal on an item I sourced or something came in under our expected cost. If there are delivery fees, those should be paid at this time. And we will set the date for INSTALLATION DAY!


Yeah! It is finally here!  I’m going to kick you out of your house. It could take more than one day to bring it all together. We will have discussed this before so no surprises. A crew of professionals will be there to clean the room, install the furnishings, hang art and window treatments, place rugs and lamps, and then style your space. When you arrive at our appointed Reveal Time, it will be perfect and complete.

Step #11 – The Big Reveal

Now, you finally get to see it! We will set a time for you and your family to return home and see the completed space(s).

Step #12 – Deficiencies Walkthrough

Sometimes things happen. This is normal. Trust that I will make them right before it’s all finished. If I’ve found something during the Installation, I will point it out to you; tell you how I’m handling it, and what your role may be in the situation.

Step #13 – Resolving Deficiencies

I may need to schedule someone to pick up or fix the deficient item and may need access to your home. If there are any deficiencies, we will work through them as efficiently as possible.

Steps #14– Client Closure Meeting & Binder

I will give you a binder with all of your warranty information; fabric samples and manufacturers should you need them; paint colors, etc.  All final invoices will be presented. I would also like to take that time to get your feedback about the project and know that you’re satisfied with the project overall.

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