Home Staging Helps Seniors Move on to Their Next Adventure

Home Staging Helps Seniors Move on to Their Next Adventure. Northern Lights Home Staging and Design Anchorage
Home Staging Helps Seniors Move on to Their Next Adventure

Home staging helps seniors move on to their next adventure.  How? Many of my home staging customers are seniors or mature sellers moving on to the next stage of their life for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Retiring and moving to their dream home or location.
  • Empty nesters downsizing to smaller, more affordable spaces.
  • Moving closer to family.
  • Moving to assisted living facilities.

Many of the buyers looking at homes being sold by seniors are younger families, potentially buying their first or second homes.

There is a big difference in taste and lifestyle between these buyers and sellers.

A home stager can really help mature home sellers in a variety of ways to sell quickly and for more while addressing some of their unique challenges as they move on to a different lifestyle.

  • A home stager can help seniors present their for sale home to appeal to younger buyers so they can visualize themselves living there. This may include updating paint colors, finishes, lighting, furnishings and accessories to create a more modern style.
  • A home stager can provide an objective perspective on what younger buyers will see when viewing the for sale home, which can be especially difficult for sellers who have lived in a home for decades.
  • A home stager can find and coordinate great contractors to do needed repairs and upgrades.
  • A home stager can help seniors in de-cluttering and downsizing. I never liked the word “de-cluttering” because our possessions are meaningful to us, and are great to display when living in the home to tell the story of our lives. When selling, it is important to highlight the house and the space, rather than our own story. Older sellers, especially those downsizing have a hard time letting go of some of their belongings. An accomplished stager can help you decide about what to keep, and what could fit in the new space and even help set up and decorate your new home.
  • A home stager can help seniors with long term attachments to a property to mentally prepare for the home sale.

A home stager can be part of your home selling team with your realtor  and photographer, as well as part of your support network to help make sure you get the most for your home and can move on quickly and with the least amount of stress.

See an example of how home staging transformed this couples house that decided to retire and move on. Their house sold the first day on the market for full asking price.

As you move on to the next adventure, consider 4 housing options for seniors. Did you know that you don’t necessarily need to purchase a home to downsize as a senior? There are several options to think about – including leasing, renting, and buying. Your home stager can help you get set up in your new home regardless of which option you select.


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