Saturday Night Live Art Shows- “A Message From The Universe” Energy Art Oracle Card Deck

Saturday Night Live Art Shows- "A Message From The Universe" oracle card deck on Deckible.

Welcome to Saturday Night Live Art Shows! 

For four years, I’ve been creating ‘energy art’ that taps into powerful ideas, with a goal to enrich your life. This art offers relaxation, healing, and inspiration, acting as a guide for personal growth and alignment, and as a design foundation for creating your perfect space. 

Each piece I make feels like it holds a message—sometimes for me, often for others. They’re akin to oracle cards, blending beauty with insights.

I’ve recently published some of  my art  as a digital oracle card deck on Deckible, a fresh way to access art and insights on your phone. 

If this deck resonates with you, there might be a message inside meant just for you, helping you align with your true self and unlock your potential. Get it now HERE!

These cards, rooted in sacred fractal geometry, vivid colors, and sometimes AI art, can also enhance your meditation and reflection practices.

The app not only allows you to explore the art but also offers features like journaling and meditation, as well as tracking your readings.

As an Interior Designer, I’ve used my energy art to create home decor items that elevate your space, which I typically share with you in my weekly Saturday Night Live Art Shows.

With the deck, you can delve deeper into each artwork through links, seeing how it comes alive in a room.” This deck is being reviewed, and will be available soon on Deckible and on my website. I’ll let you know when it is out so you can try it for yourself.

See what all the cards and messages look like in my Saturday NIght Live Art Show below.

Thanks to Saturday Night Live Art Shows creator, artist Brooke Harker and her co-hosts Joan Marie of Joan Marie ArtSheryl Benjy, and Nichole McDaniel for making this possible.

Be sure to check out all the other artists from around the world,   having art shows in their Facebook and social media feeds at 6-9 pm in their time zones. Follow Saturday Night Live Art Shows on Facebook by searching #snlartshows.


What is Energy Art?

Energy art is digital art I create on my computer, generally as mosaics of AI art and fractal art. See some examples in the video below.

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By Mary Ann Benoit

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