Saturday Night Live Art Shows-Aligned Energy Art- “Transformation”

Saturday Night Live Art Shows- Aligned Energy Art: "Transformation".

Welcome to Saturday Night Live Art Shows ! I am Mary Ann Benoit and am with you tonight from Seward Alaska! So excited to be with you tonight to share my Aligned Energy Art  series called “Transformation”, with three fractal art pieces.

Thanks to Saturday Night Live Art Shows creator, artist Brooke Harker and her co-hosts Joan Marie of Joan Marie ArtSheryl Benjy, and Nichole McDaniel for making this possible.

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"Transformation" Aligned Energy Art

Transformation is like Fire.

As the date February 22, 2022 approached, the numbers alone, 2-22-22 predicted a powerful energy day. I started to wonder what the energy would be like at 2:22 pm. I decided to set aside that time to create something and see what would evolve. I had no plan or idea.

Here is what I was inspired to create. Originally, I named it 22222222.

Saturday Night Live Art Shows- Aligned Energy Art: "Transformation".
Transformation Fractal Art and Sacred Geometry by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design.

I like to make three pieces that can work together in a group, say behind a sofa. So, I created 2 more pieces. This I called 22222222_2.

Saturday Night Live Art Shows- Aligned Energy Art: "Transformation".
Transformation #3 Fractal Art and Sacred Geometry by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design

And the third one, I called 22222222_2_2. Haha, that is a lot of twos!

Saturday Night Live Art Shows- Aligned Energy Art: "Transformation".
Transformation #2 Fractal Art and Sacred Geometry by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design

The Meaning of Two

Clearly, the number 2 held significance on this day. Upon researching numerology, I learned about its implications.

The number two amplifies intuition, enabling a deep, subconscious understanding. It can sense energies that aren’t visible, only perceptible.

Known as the peacemaker, number two promotes partnerships, balance, and teamwork. It symbolizes grace and diplomacy, harmonizing people, ideas, and elements.

The Meaning Behind the Art

While creating these pieces, I didn’t consciously think about the significance of the number two. I was simply guided by my intuition. The meaning only came to me afterwards.


The initial design reminded me of a fire sweeping through a forest floor, leaving behind charred imprints of what once existed. The flames sometimes seemed potent, at other times subdued.


Having been a wildland firefighter, I’ve witnessed many forest fires. Sometimes fire moves slowly, burning the leaf litter on the surface and sporadically flaring up. When conditions such as low humidity, high temperatures, and wind combine, it escalates and burns trees, creating a dramatic spectacle. Sometimes, fire burns unseen below the surface for months, only to resurface unexpectedly and ignite a surprising blaze.

Transformation is like Fire

Initially, I named these pieces after the number 2. But, when someone observed my art and said, “it looks like transformation in action”, it resonated with me. Over time, I realized these pieces truly symbolized transformation for me, so I renamed them “Transformation”. Why?


Because personal growth into our higher self is akin to a fire.

Sometimes transformation brings about dramatic changes in ourselves, noticeable to us and others—like a wildfire visibly consuming trees. At other times, changes happen slowly and deeply within us, seemingly invisible until one day they become apparent—much like a fire smoldering underground, unnoticed until it emerges to spark a new blaze.


Just as a fire clears the old to make way for the new, transformation lets us release our past and prepare fertile ground for new things to emerge. The more we let go, the more space we create for growth. 


Post-fire, even if the land seems barren, new shoots soon sprout, thriving in the room, nutrients, and light that were previously blocked by old trees. These old trees are like our past stories and attachments that keep us from becoming our true selves.

Transformation and the Energy of Two

I’m grateful I had time to create amidst such potent energy. I believe the power of two did indeed heighten my intuition that day, enabling me to tap into energies that were intangible but could be expressed through my art.


The number Two symbolizes grace, balance, and harmony—qualities I perceive in these pieces, akin to how fire brings balance and harmony within an ecosystem.

How can you use Aligned Energy Art in your space?

If the concept of “Transformation” resonates with you, incorporating meaningful and beautiful art into your space can be an impactful way to create your perfect environment. It serves as a daily reminder of what truly matters in your life every time you see it.

Consider adding energy art like this to your living room, meditation space, workout area, or anywhere else your intuition guides you.

And since this artwork is digital, it can be applied to various home decor items such as pillows, bedding, serving trays, coffee mugs, notebooks, and more.

Reflect on your own transformation journey as you enjoy your morning coffee, write in your journal, or practice yoga.

These pieces can serve as powerful, everyday reminders of your ongoing personal evolution.

 Aligned Energy Art  is another layer of meaning beyond the visual beauty in creating your perfect space that is  aligned with who you want to be.

An Example

I created this Edesign, or virtual design as an example of how you could create a space using this art and express the energy of “Transformation”  in your space.  

Your selection of art determines the energy you want to surround yourself with.

How do you want to feel?

What is Fractal Art?

Fractal art is digital art I create on my computer. I love creating fractal art because it allows me to work with brilliant colors, interesting textures, and incredible detail. Learn more about how it is created in my last Saturday Night Live Art Show, ” A Passion for Purple” where I show some video of the process. See examples at my store on Society 6.


Learn More About Energy Art

Are You Ready to Create Your Perfect Space with Art?

Are you ready to create your perfect space with amazing art?  Let’s tell your unique story and find the alignment of art, science, and energy that makes you happy. Try my Aligned Design consultation and let’s get started.

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Saturday Night Live Art Shows- Aligned Energy Art: "Transformation".
Saturday Night Live Art Shows- Aligned Energy Art: "Transformation".
Saturday Night Live Art Shows- Aligned Energy Art: "Transformation".

By Mary Ann Benoit

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