Saturday Night Live Art Shows

Saturday Night Live Art Shows Playlist by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design

Welcome to the Saturday Night Live Art Shows, where I showcase weekly videos of unique energy art and Edesigns. Dive into how art can beautify and energetically enhance spaces.

Aligned Design goes beyond traditional Interior Design. It blends art, science, and energy for holistic spaces. While my designs are visually captivating, it’s my expertise in color science, recognized by my unique certification in Alaska, that sets me apart. I also intuitively sense the energies of spaces and individuals, guiding my designs for harmony.

The art I create is special, merging Artificial Intelligence with Fractal art. Fractals, inspired by sacred geometry, display the foundational energy patterns of life. My energy, combined with yours, infuses these designs, transforming the vibe of your space, aiding your personal journey.

Think of it as a dance of art, science, and spirituality, harmonizing your environment for growth and success. Check out my Saturday Night Live Art Show videos for inspiration and find something to elevate your space.


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