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Fine Art America is my go-to source get my energy art prints, particularly framed prints, and for duvet covers, throw pillows, and shower curtains.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of my digital art, where the fusion of AI and Fractal art unfolds in mesmerizing harmony and supportive energy. 


Guided by the power of language, and the ingenuity of algorithms, I communicate my artistic vision to the AI, refining and perfecting it until it resonates with my vision. 


Then, a captivating dance begins as I craft intricate energy-infused fractal art which I add in layers to the design. Fractals are sacred geometry that express the building blocks of life.


My art is inspired by nature and energy, honed over 33 years as a wildlife biologist in Alaska. I love nature’s colors, patterns, and structures. To me, nature is the best designer and everything is built from energy. Fractals, which are sacred geometry patterns seen in nature, often inspire me. I am also inspired by energy concepts I have learned through my own transformational journey, and in my work as a Tai Chi teacher.


I usually make art in groups of three, perfect for decorating over a sofa or on a wall.


If you need a custom piece, just contact me. I’d be happy to create something unique just for you.


See my latest creations below on Fine Art America.


See examples of how you can use this art in your home as art or décor in my Saturday Night Live Art Shows playlist on YouTube.

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