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Wearable Energy Art by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design

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“Have you ever admired a piece of art in your home and wished you could carry its beauty with you, perhaps in the form of an elegant scarf, shawl, stunning piece of jewelry, or chic top? Or maybe even a sophisticated tie for that special man in your life? I share that sentiment, and it has inspired my passion for wearable art. Because you, too, are an exquisite piece of art. It’s time to let your wardrobe celebrate that.

Explore the canvas of fashion with my wearable art collections at Le Galeriste and Vida. These two online boutiques host a range of products featuring my unique energy art designs.

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I particularly love the stylish tops and bottoms available at Le Galeriste. Delve into the world of wearable art and let your personal style become an extension of your artistic sensibilities. Here are a few examples.



Vida is truly a remarkable platform that goes beyond offering exquisite wearable art. Their commitment to eco-friendliness, sustainability, and ethical manufacturing sets them apart. It’s heartening to know that most of Vida’s products are crafted from natural materials or post-consumer recycled materials, embracing biodegradable fabrics in the process.

What’s even more inspiring is their dedication to supporting social programs for the talented artisans who bring these artistic creations to life. With every purchase, Vida contributes to these valuable initiatives, tailored to meet the specific needs of the artisans’ unique communities. 

From promoting basic literacy in Pakistan to empowering women in Turkey, each purchase becomes an opportunity to make a positive impact in the world. Embracing wearable art from Vida becomes not just a style statement but a conscious choice to contribute to a better, more sustainable future while cherishing the beauty of art in every piece.




Energy Art home decor and clothing by Mary Ann Benoit on Vida.
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