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What’s Your Global Interior Design Style- Greek!

Greek Interior Design Style Elements

Greek Interior Design is simple and elegant, inspired by nature, and looks light, bright, airy and clean. If you like lots of white with beautiful vivid blue, green, fuchsia and gold accents, and a clean, de-cluttered, rustic look, Greek Interior design might be perfect for you! Designs tend to be simple, symmetrical, classical, and relaxing. Less is more.

  • Color- Lots of white with beautiful vivid blue, green, fuchsia and gold accents.
  • Design elements- whitewashed or exposed stone walls, blue shutters, Greek key pattern, columns (Ionic, Corinthian or Doric designs) incorporated into architecture, furniture or accessories. Moldings with classical details.
  • Accessories– Antique oil jars, glazed pottery, colorful glass. Greek columns holding sculptures or statues, plants or framing architectural elements.
  • Fabrics– Lightweight, sheer and white or neutral colors. Hang sheer white curtains on the windows or use sheer white fabric as a canopy over a bed. Varying shades of blue, often incorporating the Greek key pattern or stripes.
  • Architectural elements– exposed  wooden beams, stone walls, columns, and arches.
  • Flooring- stone, marble or limestone, ceramic tile, stained concrete. Area rugs with stripes, flowers or the Greek key patters are common.
  • Furniture-wooden furniture with carvings and soft simple lines. Modern furniture often incorporates the Greek key pattern.
The colors of Greece. Photo of Santorini.

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Greek Interior Design Style Elements to Try

To get the look, you could go all out and incorporate all the elements of Greek Interior Design, or you can add some key elements to your existing decor. Try  lamps, pillows or rugs incorporating varying shades of blue reflecting the colors of the sea and the sky typically used in this style. Incorporate art using shades of blue that have natural elements related to plants or the sea. Try furniture, accessories or rugs with the Greek key pattern.   Here are some products you might like. Click on any of the pictures to find out more.   They contain affiliate links, which means if you purchase, they give me a small commission but it does not change your price. This allows me to take time to curate these products for you for free.

These lamps are the perfect shades of blue typically used in this style and the first two use colorful glass.



These pillows also have a global feel and are great shades of blue for Greek design. These would be perfect on white or off white sofas or chairs.

I selected this pillow because of the colors and the design, all about the ocean.The pillow below is the perfect color to represent the bougainvillea, a plant originating from South America that lives and flourishes in the Cyclades Islands and other places in Greece.
This rug has a perfect combination of colors to represent the sea and the outdoors.                                                                                                                                                                                  This rug below is the perfect shade of blue, and incorporates stripes, often a common pattern in Greek design.The table below uses the Greek key pattern, and has soft rather than angular lines.

This chair has Greek key maple veneer inlays surround the sides and the back. The gracefully arched back legs roll up into a simple scroll carving at the top. The white fabric has a clean simple look that will contrast beautifully with all the blues in the rugs, pillows, art and accessories.

This large blue hand blown glass Olive Bottle is the perfect shade of blue and olive trees and olive oil bottles are one of the key elements in this design style. This mirror uses the Greek key pattern and soft lines in it’s design.                                 

The two pieces of art below incorporate natural elements, shades of blue, references to the ocean in the second piece containing sea fans and would look great together because of their similar shapes.



These are just a few ideas of how to capture this beautiful style in your home. For help in putting it all together, other options to create this beautiful style, or help with your Interior Design or color needs, call 907-362-0065 today for a design consultation. Find out more about our services.

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