Are You Aligned with Who You are Meant to Be?

Are you in alignment with your true purpose? Are you doing what you are meant to do?  When you wake up and go to work, are you doing something you would do anyway, even if you were not getting paid? Does it feel easy, as if it were meant to be?Or are you chasing something you think you are meant to have, stressing over all the things that you must do so you Read more […]

What is Your Life’s Purpose?

Several years ago I was listening to Tony Robbins online inspiring people to discover their “life’s purpose”.  I  decided at the time that mine was to create beautiful things (whether it is a home interior, piece of jewelry or stained glass, a piece of music or a dance) and share it with others to give them (and me) joy. That was my inspiration in starting Northern Lights Home Staging and Design i 2014. For those of you who do not know me, I am also an artist (stained glass, jewelry, alcohol Read more […]