Are You Aligned with Who You are Meant to Be?

Are you in alignment with your true purpose? Are you doing what you are meant to do?  When you wake up and go to work, are you doing something you would do anyway, even if you were not getting paid? Does it feel easy, as if it were meant to be? Or are you chasing something you think you are meant to have, stressing over all the things that you must do so you can have Read more […]

When Your Trail is Leading Nowhere, Follow a Trailblazer to Happiness

We are all following a path to somewhere, hopefully to becoming the person we are meant to be, doing that thing that only we can do, that makes others lives better so they pay us generously for our service.Sometimes we know the right path and sometimes we get lost or take the long way. Some seem to know the way intuitively, or  just want to blaze a new trail for themselves. They inspire us with ideas on which way to go in our own journey.There are four people that have inspired me and shaped my Read more […]

Four Courses that Changed My Life- Can they Change Yours?

The Staging Diva Home Staging Training Course  I want to tell you  about four courses that changed my life for the better. Maybe one of them might help you change your life as well.The first course is the Staging Diva Home Staging Training Program. Many years ago I got my BA in Interior Design but later took a different path for a while as a wildlife biologist.   I decided later in life that I wanted a more creative career and decided to revisit being an Interior Designer. Read more […]