Four Courses that Changed My Life- Can they Change Yours?

Four Courses that Changed My Life- Could They Change Yours?
Four Courses that Changed My Life- Could They Change Yours?

 I want to tell you  about four courses that changed my life for the better. Maybe one of them might help you change your life as well.

The first course is the Staging Diva Home Staging Training Program. Many years ago I got my BA in Interior Design but later took a different path for a while as a wildlife biologist.   I decided later in life that I wanted a more creative career and decided to revisit being an Interior Designer. I wasn’t sure how to get back into this field after so many years had gone by. 

I thought learning how to be a home stager might be a great way to get my feet wet and get back into the design world.

It is a fantastic training that teaches you how to start and run a home staging business.  It doesn’t focus on how to decorate rooms and assumes either you have that skill or you don’t. This program is more about how to set up the business, how to deal with clients, finances,  marketing, technology and a variety of other things.

Free 10 Tips Course to Become a Home Stager

This training helped me get my business for Home Staging and Interior Design off to a great start. Over time, I have seen a lot of home stagers that have taken other courses that seem to always be struggling with how to successfully run their business and make money at it. While other programs focus more on how to stage rooms or style bookshelves, it seems they don’t tell people how to run the business.

Deborah Gould is a marketing ninja and everything that she teaches I have seen proven true over time. Her courses are great and  you can listen to them numerous times and always learn something new.  

10 Tips to Become a Home Stager - FREE

I still enjoy ongoing support from Deborah and an amazing group of her graduates. I continue to be involved in Staging Diva calls every two months which I always learn something new and is part of her membership which provides a listing in her home staging directory. 

Deborah is very supportive, knowledgeable, a wonderful mentor and coach with great sense of humor. I highly recommend her course over any other staging program out there and I researched all of them.  Great for anyone wanting to start a home staging business. Check out her course by clicking below.

Staging Diva Home Staging Store
Staging Savvy Quiz: Do You Have the Eye of a Home Stager?
Staging Diva Ultimate Design Guide: Home Staging Tips, Tricks & Floor Plans

Maybe you read blogs by color experts looking for answers or just rely on what the paint store says about what colors go together.  Maybe you post questions on Houzz or other forums to ask “What is the best color for my house or room” and get a list of different, but well meaning answers which are meaningless because your house, finishes and lighting are unique and what worked for others may not work for you.  Maybe you think you have a great color sense and don’t need help. How has that been working for you?

I had a long journey learning about color, and I finally “get it”.  I understand why people struggle with picking paint colors and why it is inevitable that most people will “mess up” and make expensive mistakes that will need to be re-painted. I’ve been there!

Finally, I found the answers I had been looking for….the science of color.  I learned how color works, how color is ordered, what colors can work together and how to solve those tricky color problems. I learned that the elusive “undertone” is an incorrect term that those that do not understand color science use to describe their well meaning but subjective opinion of color by what they see. But guess what, we all physically see color differently.

I took a course, The Four Pillars of Color, with Lori Sawaya through Camp Chroma, and learned the Munsell Color System which has been around for over 100 years.  It is the basis for how color is ordered, how paint colors are determined, how color looks and is made consistent in our products. Every color has a “DNA” so to speak with 4 distinct aspects that makes each color unique. Yes, it is a little complex but at the same time orderly and makes perfect sense.

This course changed my understanding and how I approach everything I do related to design! If you love color and truly want to understand it better for your own enjoyment or your business, you can’t go wrong with this course!


As I continued my Home Staging and Interior design journey, I started hearing about Edesign or online Interior Design. Living in small town Alaska, I was interested in learning how I could work with more clients from around the world rather than just those within a reasonable driving distance.   Because Edesign is a new way of doing business, it was hard to find very much information on how to do this. I took some classes and learned some things, but once I took Jenna Gaidusek’s Edesign courses, it totally opened the doors on how to really do Interior Design online.  She teaches you how to do social media advertising, marketing, work with clients, set up a self-hosted website, create beautiful renderings and make money off affiliates.  Jenna is a fantastic mentor and leader and has built a beautiful, supportive tribe of designers worldwide as well as a working ecosystem of designers that can help each other. So, if you have any interest in becoming an Edesigner, or if you’re already an Interior designer  that wants to add additional services. I highly recommend this! 


As of 2023, The Edesign Tribe was sold to MyDoma, but Jenna now trains people in a variety of Edesign skills at MyDoma.


I can not recommend this program enough if you are looking for ways to transform yourself from the inside out or transform your business to serve your clients better and make more money. Best training course I have ever taken, hands down. Check out my recent blog article, Lose Weight, Quit Smoking, Get Healthy and Peaceful Without Pain for all the details on my personal transformation and experience with this program.

Get on the Waitlist for the next TCP Program. This is the best training I have ever invested in. It made a huge difference for me which is why I am sharing. I hope it can make a difference for you too.


Check out Jim Fortin’s Podcast. This is how I started and it’s free.

Listen to this podcast episode- Why Your Bad Habits are So Hard To Break. This one really helped me to change some of my eating habits and lose weight, even before joining the program.

This is a great episode too. How the Law of Attraction Repels Money and Abundance you Want.

Listen to the Master Thought Formula, which is amazing!

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Now you know some of the things that have inspired me and shaped what I do. To get the benefit of that and to create some magic and beauty in your home, check out my online design and color services, particularly my signature Aligned Design consultation.

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Four Courses that Changed My Life- Could They Change Yours?
Four Courses that Changed My Life- Could They Change Yours?
Four Courses that Changed My Life- Could They Change Yours?

By Mary Ann Benoit

President- Northern Lights Home Staging and Design Owner- Arctic Paradise Bed and Breakfast Artist- Stained Glass, Jewelry and Alcohol Ink Art Wildlife Biologist Director- Kaleido World Percussion and Dance Company Director- Tavus Dance Company of Alaska Lover of music, art, dance and animals.


  1. It’s great of you to share these courses with us! Sounds like each one helped you develop your professional skills

    1. Thanks Lisa, yes, although I have taken many courses over the years, these definitely made a difference in my life:)

  2. I was not familiar with these courses before- thanks so much for sharing about them!!

    1. You’re welcome. Hope they inspire you to try one of them or to at least check out Jim’s podcast.

  3. I also took The Staging Diva’s course. Many years ago now. It was great! I don’t do much staging but there’s lots of practical training for the business side of staging.

    1. Oh, that is so interesting, you are a fellow Staging Diva graduate! As with any business, if you don’t know how to run that part of it you will never succeed, so it was a great class:)

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