Three Tips to Create Your Perfect Space With Fractal Art

Fractal art is a mesmerizing form of digital creativity, born from the intricate calculations of fractal objects. It gives life to both still and animated visuals, offering a world of abstract beauty that I love. Fractal art, with its vivid palettes, intricate patterns, and flawless symmetry, possesses a certain magic. In many of my designs, you’ll find spirals—an ever-present symbol with profound meanings. For more insights, you can explore my article ‘What Does Your Art Mean?’ Spirals, Read more […]

The Magic of Fractal Art

The first time I saw Fractal Art, I discovered it accidentally on Pinterest. I stopped in my tracks and was captivated with the brilliant colors, intricate designs and perfect symmetry. I searched for more and became more fascinated. I wanted to know how it was created.  Being an artist myself, I am always on the lookout for new art forms that inspire me! I was surprised to find out that Fractal art is a form of computer or digital art developed in the 1980’s. It is algorithmic art created Read more […]

Cyber Week Deals on Home Decor and Interior Design

Looking for some great holiday gifts online so you don’t have to go shopping in the stores and can socially distance?Interested in giving the gift of something beautiful with one of a kind art or some design help to someone you care about?You’ve come to the right place!At my store on Society 6 I have some great Cyber Week Deals going on with 50% off my wall art, 40% Bed, Bath and Home Decor and 30% off everything else! 50% Off Wall Art My wall art is available Read more […]