Design Tips That Can Make Your Small Apartment Look Bigger

Design Tips That Can Make Your Small Apartment Look Bigger by Julia Riley for Northern Lights Home Staging and Design. Photo from Pixaby

Getting claustrophobic in your small apartment? You don’t need to consider moving to a bigger space. If you’ve got some time on your hands, a little bit of renovation can make you feel like you’re in a totally new home for a fraction of the price. Some minor changes and adjustments here and there will grow your apartment significantly. At the same time, you can still enjoy the convenience of having a smaller place – everything is much easier to clean and organize.

Here are some design tips to make your apartment look bigger.

Choose only what sparks joy

Before you get started with your renovations, clear out everything unnecessary in your apartment. The KonMari method is a wise strategy as it involves separating everything you own into categories before decluttering them item by item. This maximizes efficiency, and should not be too difficult to accomplish in a smaller home. In the end, you’ll get to keep only the things that spark joy. You can then proceed to decorate from there – but at least you know that you have only the things that bring you happiness and will continue to only make thoughtful purchases.

Add some mirrors

Mirrors can give the impression of a sense of openness. As they reflect light or the view outside, you may be fooled into thinking that there’s more space than there actually is. Put up big framed or standing mirrors, or even group smaller ones and mount them on a wall for a hall of mirrors effect. Go and scour some flea markets for vintage dressers or cabinets with a mirrored finish. You can even keep the reflectiveness going by placing a mirror atop a coffee table for a unique effect.

Work around permanent pieces

Most rooms have a permanent feature that takes up a lot of vital space. A blog post by HomeServe notes how a lot of homes now make good use of wall space by installing radiator shelves, disguising a room essential and adding a bit more flare. If you want to repaint your walls, carefully take out the radiator before installing it back and painting it the same color. As painting radiators has become quite common, you’ll definitely be able to find special paint to keep it safe amidst high temperatures. Once you’ve got that done, you can think about working around other permanent pieces like building shelves around your headboard.

Get rid of thick curtains

Curtains could serve as a barrier to the view and absorb too much of the light outside. They may also make you feel that you’re shrouded in darkness or in a cave, weigh the space down, thus making the space seem much smaller than it already is. If you still want some form of privacy, consider a more lightweight option like shutters or linen blinds. This will also allow more natural light to enter and flow throughout the entire space.

Keep it monochrome

Home decorating expert Coral Nafie says that too many colors may break up the space. This segmentation could make it seem even smaller. When choosing a color palette, it’s best to keep it monochrome. Try to tone down your color scheme too – cool, or delicate warm colors will make the room seem more open. Coordinate bigger pieces of furniture with these colors to keep it streamlined, and then you can accessorize with smaller pillows, vases, and trinkets.

Multipurpose furniture

To make the most out of your space, think about storage options that will let you keep things out of sight in items of furniture on display. There are a number of multipurpose furniture options that will allow you to free up the space and get rid of unwanted clutter. Think futons that have drawers under, ottomans that have removable tops to store linens, or even trundle beds that have the option for storing goods. The smarter the function, the better.

For more smart and affordable decorating ideas, check out the ‘4 Ways to Create the Home Office of Your Dreams Without Putting a Dent on Your Budget’ for tips and inspiration.

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Design Tips That Can Make Your Small Apartment Look Bigger by Julia Riley for Northern Lights Home Staging and Design. Photo from Pixaby
Design Tips That Can Make Your Small Apartment Look Bigger by Julia Riley for Northern Lights Home Staging and Design. Photo from Unsplash

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