Revolutionizing Your Life with Downsizing: A Path to Simplicity and Freedom

In today’s fast-paced world, the allure of a simpler, more efficient lifestyle is growing ever stronger. Downsizing your living space is not just a trend but a strategic move towards a more liberated and fulfilling life. With a focus on reducing clutter, financial burdens, and maintenance responsibilities, downsizing presents a unique opportunity to redefine your living standards and priorities. Here are some tips from Mary Ann Benoit to get you started.Save Financially Imagine the relief and freedom Read more […]

Green and Clean: Eco-Friendly Tips for Decluttering Your Home

The drive to create a clean, organized living space can often result in significant waste. Fortunately, decluttering your home doesn’t have to mean contributing to landfill overload. This article from Northern Lights Staging and Design aims to give you a roadmap for making eco-conscious choices as you clean up, declutter, and reorganize. In doing so, you can contribute to environmental sustainability while enjoying the benefits of the positive energy of a more organized and harmonious home. Repair Read more […]

Transform Your Life: The Power of Aligned Design in “Activate Your Life Volume 4

We are thrilled to announce the release of “Activate Your Life Volume 4,” a compilation of transformative exercises from coaches around the world. Among these gems is the enlightening chapter, “Get Aligned & Attract Wealth, Health, and Love with Interior Design” by Mary Ann Benoit. This chapter is not just a contribution; it’s a guide to unlocking the potential within your living space and, consequently, your life. Activate Your Life By Embracing Authenticity for True Alignment In a Read more […]

Elevate Your Home and Life: The Transformative Power of Energy Art

Everything is energy. In the world of interior design, where aesthetics meet emotion, the choice of artwork becomes more than just a decorative decision—it becomes a transformative journey. Enter the realm of energy art, a unique fusion of visual appeal and holistic well-being. As your guide in this journey, I invite you to explore the profound reasons why investing in energy art is not just a design choice but a personal commitment to growth and self-discovery. “Prosperity Read more […]

4 Ways to Create the Home Office of Your Dreams Without Putting a Dent on Your Budget

There’s no place like home to work, and it can help you maintain a healthy work-life balance when done right. You’re spared commuting, you can enjoy a flexible schedule, and working from home is known to lower stress levels and increase productivity—on top of many other benefits. Among the best ways to guarantee this is to create a working environment that’s set up for success, focus, and inspiration. Here’s how to do so without breaking the bank. Stock up on essentials. At the most fundamental Read more […]

Color Your Way to a Swift and Profitable Home Sale with These Top Paint Colors

How Much Can Paint Color Increase Your Home’s Sale Price? The impact of paint color on a home’s sale price has been the topic of numerous studies and analyses, primarily conducted by real estate companies and platforms who have access to vast amounts of sale data. One of the most cited sources on this topic is Zillow, an online real estate marketplace. Zillow released an analysis in their “Zillow Paint Color Analysis” that looked at how certain paint colors in specific home areas impacted the Read more […]

Globally Inspired, Soulfully Aligned: The New Design Frontier

Globally Inspired Styles with the Soul of Aligned Design Your affinity for Globally Inspired Design styles mirrors mine – a shared passion for the aesthetics and emotions they evoke. At the same time, the Aligned Design philosophy may have resonated with your desire for spaces that not only look beautiful but also align with deeper principles. So, how do these two realms intertwine?Global Design styles bring forward a rich tapestry of cultural narratives, textures, and colors from around the Read more […]

Wearable Art- Celebrate the Masterpiece you Are!

When you see art that you love for your house, do you ever wish you could find that same design in a beautiful scarf, shawl, jewelry or a top? Or maybe a tie for your favorite guy? I know I do! Wearable art! Why not, you are a work of art yourself. Celebrate that! I have several artist studios offering my energy art on a variety of different products. Two of these, allow me to create beautiful wearable art, Vida and Le Galeriste. Both offer small selections of beautiful home decor as well. What Read more […]

Tell Your Story with Global Style Interior Design

What is a Global Design Style? Global styles capture the essence of your adventures across the world, weaving together a tapestry of your experiences and stories. Characterized by vibrant hues, they radiate with the boldness of designs inspired by various cultures, suffused with rich textures and patterns. Every item isn’t just a decor piece; it’s a narrative, sparking curiosity and conversations.Instead of adhering to a strict theme, treasures find their place without being confined by their Read more […]

What Does Your Art Mean? The Power of the Spiral

Art possesses a transformative power. Consider embracing symbols like the spiral, which energetically align with you. When curating art for your space, reflect on its significance. Why is it your choice? Beyond its hues, forms, and designs, does it resonate with a memory, emotion, journey, or a cherished individual? Dive deeper than aesthetics; connect with its essence and the personal narrative it brings into your space. As an artist who creates the art for your space, the meaning behind what I Read more […]