Elevate Your Home and Life: The Transformative Power of Energy Art

Elevate Your Life: The Transformative Power of Energy Art . Discover the transformative synergy of energy art in interior design with Mary Ann Benoit of Northern Lights Home Staging and Design. Explore a journey where aesthetics meet personal growth, creating spaces that look great, feel great, and support you to be great. Invest in energy art for a home that mirrors your journey towards alignment, well-being, and reaching your true potential.

Everything is energy.

In the world of interior design, where aesthetics meet emotion, the choice of artwork becomes more than just a decorative decision—it becomes a transformative journey. Enter the realm of energy art, a unique fusion of visual appeal and holistic well-being. As your guide in this journey, I invite you to explore the profound reasons why investing in energy art is not just a design choice but a personal commitment to growth and self-discovery.

Energy art designed to attract prosperity to you in your space.
"Prosperity #16" energy art by Mary Ann Benoit designed to attract prosperity to you.

A Sanctuary for Personal Growth

Picture your home not just as a physical space but as a sanctuary for personal growth. Energy art, with its soothing hues and captivating forms, goes beyond mere decoration. It is a silent companion in your journey towards self-improvement. Each stroke and color choice tells a story—a narrative of spirituality and personal evolution.

"Peace #7" energy art and Edesign by Mary Ann Benoit of the Northern Lights Home Staging and Design. The "Peace" series is inspired by a wish for peace, love and connection of all people and countries. AI and fractal art collage highlighting a message to live a path with heart.

The Power of Holistic Design

Holistic design principles, such as used in Aligned Design, emphasize the interconnectedness of our physical surroundings and our well-being. Energy art embodies this philosophy, creating a harmonious environment that supports your emotional, mental, and spiritual health. It’s not just about making your space look great; it’s about ensuring it feels great, too

Saturday Night Live Art Shows- "Prosperity Energy Art and Edesign
Energy art from the "Prosperity" collection and Edesign by Mary Ann Benoit. The Prosperity series is designed to attract prosperity to you.

Customization for Your Unique Journey

Your journey is personal, and so should be your surroundings. Energy art allows for a level of customization that goes beyond aesthetics. Together, we can curate pieces that resonate with your values, aspirations, and personal energy. It’s art tailored not just to your space but to your unique journey.

Energy art from the "Stories of the Past" collection and Edesign by Mary Ann Benoit. This is a great collection to go with your antiques or in a historic home. Have you considered how many of the stories you carry with you that guide your life are actually yours, and which ones belong to others and have been passed on to you? Which have come from your parents or ancestors? Why continue to carry them if they are not yours?

Bridging Aesthetics and Energetic Qualities

Who says personal growth can’t be stylish? Energy art seamlessly bridges aesthetics and energetic qualities, creating a visual tapestry that is not only pleasing to the eye but also resonant with positive energy. Your home becomes a canvas for both beauty and self-discovery.

"The Shiny Ones" Aligned Energy Art Dream Office
This design highlights a beautiful fractal art piece called "The Shiny Ones" which inspires people to shine their light, and be their authentic selves to make the world a better place. See it on the wall mural and chairs. Energy art and Edesign by Mary Ann Benoit.

Support from a Visionary Designer

Embark on this transformative journey with the support of a visionary designer who believes in the inherent power of energy art. With a calm, grounded, and friendly approach, I will guide you through the process, ensuring that your investment is not just in art and design, but in your own alignment, well-being and personal growth.

Mary Ann Benoit, with her AI/fractal art collage, "Prosperity" in the background in an office she designed.
I am showing an example of how this "Prosperity" energy art and design I created could be used as a zoom background for meetings

Elevate Your Lifestyle Experience

Your home is more than just a physical space; it’s an extension of yourself. Elevate your lifestyle experience by infusing it with the transformative power of energy art. This isn’t just about decorating; it’s about creating an environment that nurtures your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself.

The decision to invest in energy art for your interior design isn’t merely about filling empty walls. It’s about making a commitment to your personal growth, fostering a harmonious living space, and creating a sanctuary that supports your journey of self-discovery. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together—where your home becomes a canvas, and your journey becomes a masterpiece.

Get the Look- Modern Global Style Design #2
Energy art from the "It's Just the Moon" collection in a modern global design by Mary Ann Benoit.

What Does Energy Art Lool Like?

Energy art is very diverse, but you can get a sense of my art and style from seeing some of my recent work below. I believe that if a piece of my art resonates with you, it’s because its energy aligns with what you need to embrace your true self. The synergy between your innate attraction to the artwork and the intentional energy I’ve embedded within it creates a potent energetic harmony in your space, amplifying the desired energy you seek.

Art Prints

Types of Energy Art I Create

I specialize in creating two unique types of energy art. 

 I develop energy art portraits, personalized depictions of your most authentic self, radiating your inner light. This serves as the foundation for your Interior Design, setting the tone for the entire space.

I also design energy art pieces that symbolize specific themes or concepts pivotal in your life journey. These art pieces, whether showcased as standalone art or integrated into home décor, are strategically placed to inspire you every time your gaze falls upon them.

Incorporating these elements, I blend the visual appeal of art, the precision of color science, and the transformative power of energy into your Interior Design, fashioning spaces that truly resonate with your essence. Through this alignment, I ensure your space not only looks captivating but also deeply nurtures your well-being.

Energy Art Portraits
Get your energy art portrait for a beautiful statement piece.
Commission custom energy art.
Create custom art for your walls or decor based on exactly what you need.

Are You Ready to Create Your Perfect Space with Art?

Isn’t it time to create a space that is aligned with who you truly are?

My unique Interior Design philosophy combines:

The ART of beauty

The SCIENCE of color

The ENERGY of well-being

Art + Science + Energy = Magic

Get an Aligned Design consultation which includes an Interior Design, Color, and Energy consultation, an energy art portrait and two other  custom fractal art designs to tie it all together. 

When your space is better, you are better. When you are better, the world is better. The world needs you. Choose to create a space that is aligned with You.

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By Mary Ann Benoit

President- Northern Lights Home Staging and Design Owner- Arctic Paradise Bed and Breakfast Artist- Stained Glass, Jewelry and Alcohol Ink Art Wildlife Biologist Director- Kaleido World Percussion and Dance Company Director- Tavus Dance Company of Alaska Lover of music, art, dance and animals.