Transform Your Life: The Power of Aligned Design in “Activate Your Life Volume 4

We are thrilled to announce the release of “Activate Your Life Volume 4,” a compilation of transformative exercises from coaches around the world. Among these gems is the enlightening chapter, “Get Aligned & Attract Wealth, Health, and Love with Interior Design” by Mary Ann Benoit. This chapter is not just a contribution; it’s a guide to unlocking the potential within your living space and, consequently, your life. Activate Your Life By Embracing Authenticity for True Alignment In a Read more […]

Elevate Your Home and Life: The Transformative Power of Energy Art

Everything is energy. In the world of interior design, where aesthetics meet emotion, the choice of artwork becomes more than just a decorative decision—it becomes a transformative journey. Enter the realm of energy art, a unique fusion of visual appeal and holistic well-being. As your guide in this journey, I invite you to explore the profound reasons why investing in energy art is not just a design choice but a personal commitment to growth and self-discovery. “Prosperity Read more […]

What is Energy Art?

Everything is energy. Every element in your space radiates energy, influencing the environment around it. This means that even the art you showcase isn’t just a visual treat; it actively resonates with and impacts your well-being. Energy art captures the essence of life’s forces, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. Whether through visual displays, dynamic performances, or conceptual pieces like my energy art, it channels and reflects the vibrant energy inherent in existence. Drawing inspiration Read more […]

Saturday Night Live Art Shows: “Joy”- Energy Art portrait of Joan Marie.

Welcome to Saturday Night Live Art Shows. I’m Mary Ann Benoit, an energy artist and Interior Designer from Seward, Alaska. Energy art portraits express who you truly are when you shine your light. I created this fractal art piece, inspired by this photo, to express Joan Marie, a Visionary Artist of Joan Marie Art, shining her light to the world. What do I see in this photo? A huge heart exploding with creativity, joy, and love. A spirit filled with fun, colorful abandon, and spiritual wisdom. Read more […]