What is Energy Art?

What is Energy Art? Mary Ann Benoit of Northern Lights Home Staging and Design is an energy artist.

Everything is energy.

Every element in your space radiates energy, influencing the environment around it. This means that even the art you showcase isn’t just a visual treat; it actively resonates with and impacts your well-being. Energy art captures the essence of life’s forces, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. Whether through visual displays, dynamic performances, or conceptual pieces like my energy art, it channels and reflects the vibrant energy inherent in existence.

Drawing inspiration from nature, human emotions, and the intricate web of interconnectedness, it offers a unique lens into the vibrant pulse of life’s energies.

Saturday Night Live Art Shows- Designer Office with Energy Art
Energy art mural of "The Shiny Ones' and Edesign by Mary Ann Benoit of Northern Lights Home Staging and Design.
Energy #10 fractal art by Mary Ann Benoit
Energy #10 fractal art by Mary Ann Benoit. Everything is energy. What does yours look like?
Darkness and Light Energy Art by Mary Ann Benoit of Northern Lights Home Staging and Design
Darkness and Light #2 by Mary Ann Benoit. There is no light without darkness, or darkness without light. To find new light in your life, you need to explore the darkness within and learn from it. Have courage to explore the depths of who you are. Then let it go, and enjoy new light of transformation.

What is Energy Art?

Energy art is a dynamic fusion of mediums, capturing the essence of movement, emotion, force and ideas. It ranges from kinetic sculptures that dance with motion, paintings that pulse with life through vibrant colors and strokes, to melodies that resonate with the energy of sound and rhythm. Whether it’s a dancer expressing life with each move or art installations powered by the sun or magnetism, energy art is a testament to the boundless creative spirit harnessing and reflecting energy in many forms.

Heartfire #9 by Mary Ann Benoit
Heartfire #9 uses color, light and movement to express the elements of fire and the emotion of taking a path with heart that you are passionate about.

Energy art is a way for artists to portray the vibrant and ever-present forces that animate our world. From ancient civilizations to modern interpretations, artists have continuously sought to  express these dynamic energies, creating pieces that resonate through time.

Frequency. Fractal Art by Mary Ann Benoit.
"Frequency" fractal art by Mary Ann Benoit. Our thoughts create our feelings. Our feelings create what we vibrate out to the world, or our frequency. We attract what we put out to the world. Life reflects us. What are you attracting?

Types of Energy Art

Energy art is a broad concept that can encompass various forms and techniques, each aiming to capture, convey, or manipulate intangible energies. Here are some types or approaches to energy art:

  1. Intuitive Art: Created while tapping into one’s subconscious, often without a premeditated plan or outline, allowing the energy of the moment to guide the creative process.

  2. Reiki-infused Art: Some artists combine Reiki, a form of energy healing, with their artistic process to create pieces infused with healing energy.

  3. Sacred Geometry: Incorporating patterns, shapes, and symbols that are believed to represent the blueprint of the universe, such as the Flower of Life or Metatron’s Cube.

  4. Mandala Art: Mandalas are intricate designs starting from a central point and emanating outward, symbolizing the universe, wholeness, or unity.

  5. Chakra Art: Art that targets or represents the body’s energy centers, or chakras, often using colors or symbols associated with each chakra.

  6. Kinetic Art: Art that involves movement, whether powered by wind, motor, or human interaction. The movement can be said to manifest or manipulate energy in the space it occupies.

  7. Fractal Art: Using mathematical algorithms, artists create self-repeating patterns that resemble patterns found in nature, often capturing the essence of infinite energy.

  8. Soundscapes: Although primarily auditory, this form of art uses sound frequencies that resonate with the body’s energy centers or help harmonize the energies in a given space.

  9. Crystal Art: Incorporating crystals and gemstones known for specific energy properties into artwork.

  10. Light Art: Harnessing the power of light, both natural and artificial, to affect the energy of a space.

  11. Digital Energy Art: With evolving technologies, artists can now create digital pieces or visualizations that represent or influence energy.

  12. Interactive Installations: Art pieces that require interaction, absorbing, and sometimes reflecting the energy of the participant.

  13. Ritualistic or Performance Art: The act of creating the art is a ritual in itself, calling upon specific energies or intentions.

  14. Visionary Art: Often influenced by spiritual experiences, dreams, or trance states, this type of art seeks to represent the artist’s vision of spiritual or energetic realms.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, it gives an idea of the diverse ways artists may approach the concept of energy in their work. The common thread is the intention behind the art – to connect with, convey, or manipulate unseen energies.

My Energy Art

From the list above, my energy art includes Intuitive Art, Sacred Geometry (fractal art), Chakra Art, Fractal Art, Digital energy art (I use AI art combined with Fractal art in collages), and Visionary Art based on transformational/personal development.

My favorite medium lately is creating collages from AI art that is layered with fractal art, so that it layers many energy concepts into one piece.

Fractal Art

Fractal art, a type of art I love working with, employs mathematical algorithms to craft intricate and captivating patterns. These self-replicating designs often mirror the mesmerizing complexities seen in nature, resembling the structures found in plants and animals. The elegance of perfect fractal patterns captures the very essence of beauty itself.

The Rose by Mary Ann Benoit
"The Rose" fractal art by Mary Ann Benoit

Fractal art, a distinct branch of energy art, captures energy through intricate designs that exude depth, dynamism, and motion, echoing natural things like lightning strikes, flames, or undulating ocean waves. These self-replicating patterns can be seen in other art forms, such as music and dance, weaving in complex rhythms and mesmerizing sequences.

 I create fractal art on my computer. I love working with the brilliant colors, interesting textures, and incredible detail. Learn more about how it is created in my Saturday Night Live Art Show, ” A Passion for Purple” where I show some videos of the process. 

Energy Artists

An energy artist channels specific types or qualities of energy into their art, such as emotional, spiritual, or physical energy, by imbuing it with their intention.


They may employ materials, colors, or techniques recognized for their energetic attributes, or incorporate symbols and themes linked to distinct energy types. Spiritual practices, like meditation and visualization, can also be harnessed to infuse the art with energy.

I am an energy artist.

Raven Medicine by Mary Ann Benoit
Raven Medicine energy art and Edesign by Mary Ann Benoit. Ravens are associated with magic and the unknown. Things we can learn from ravens are most importantly, to be open to magic, and notice when it happens around you. That means being present and aware of what is happening now, rather than in your head thinking of the millions of things you need to do:). Raven Medicine art in your home inspires you to be open to magic and the unknow, and the opportunites it brings for growth.

How Can Energy Art Help You?

Energy infused art can have a positive impact on you when you interact with it and can affect the energy of the space where it is displayed. While its tangible effects may be subtle and subjective, it’s important to remember that everything possesses energy. Every item in your space contributes to its energy, affecting your well-being. You have the power to curate this environment, choosing what influences you.

The Heart of Greece #3

I infuse my fractal art with spiritual energy concepts using fractal art, vibrant color, symbols of ancient wisdom, meditation, and visualization. and allowing universal energy to come through me during the creation process. I set my intention using my personal energy for the piece to help someone in a specific way, and for the piece to attract the person who needs it. I craft art layers infused with intentional energy tailored to resonate with and uplift those who bring it into their space.


Unveiling Time

I firmly believe that if a piece of my art resonates with you, it’s because its energy aligns with what you need to embrace your true self. The synergy between your innate attraction to the artwork and the intentional energy I’ve embedded within it creates a potent energetic harmony in your space, amplifying the desired energy you seek.

Saturday Night Live Art Shows- Are You Taking the Path with Heart?
Edesign and fractal art "A Path with Heart #7" by Mary Ann Benoit of Northern Lights Home Staging and Design.
Art Prints

Types of Energy Art I Create

I specialize in crafting two unique types of energy art. 


Firstly, I develop energy art portraits, personalized depictions of your most authentic self, radiating your inner light. This serves as the foundation for your Interior Design, setting the tone for the entire space.


Secondly, I design energy art pieces that symbolize specific themes or concepts pivotal in your life journey. These art pieces, whether showcased as standalone art or integrated into home décor, are strategically placed to inspire you every time your gaze falls upon them.


Incorporating these elements, I blend the visual appeal of art, the precision of color science, and the transformative power of energy into your Interior Design, fashioning spaces that truly resonate with your essence. Through this alignment, I ensure your space not only looks captivating but also deeply nurtures your well-being.

Are You Ready to Create Your Perfect Space with Art?

Isn’t it time to create a space that is aligned with who you truly are?

My unique Interior Design philosophy combines:

The ART of beauty

The SCIENCE of color

The ENERGY of well-being

Art + Science + Energy = Magic

Get an Aligned Design consultation which includes an Interior Design, Color, and Energy consultation, an energy art portrait and two other  custom fractal art designs to tie it all together. 

When your space is better, you are better. When you are better, the world is better. The world needs you. Choose to create a space that is aligned with You.

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By Mary Ann Benoit

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