The Creative Spirits Podcast-The Pros And Cons Of Using AI For Art With Artist Mary Ann Benoit

The Pros and Cons Of Using AI for Art- The Creative Spirits Podcast Interview with Artist Mary Ann Benoit

In this episode of the Creative Spirits podcast, artist and host Sheryl Benjy interviews Mary Ann Benoit, an artist, Interior Designer, Edesigner and color consultant in Seward, Alaska. In this episode we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of AI (Artificial Intelligence) art and ways you can use it for yourself and your own work. Mary Ann Benoit, President of Northern Lights Home Staging and Design, has revolutionized the world of Interior Design, Virtual Design and Energy Art with her unique Aligned Design system which a foundation in her subliminal energy art. She’s renowned for her unique transformative approach to Interior Design, both in Alaska and worldwide online.

Mary Ann Benoit, with her AI/fractal art collage, "Prosperity" in the background in an office she designed.

The Creative Spirits Podcast host,  Sheryl Benjy, is an artist, art educator and creative coach. She interviews other creatives to get tips and advice on how to have your own creative business or hobby. There is also a spiritual twist to her podcast where she incorporates a lot of healing modalities that have helped her navigate her creative work. Sheryl also shares her own tools and advice to help creatives struggle less and have more happiness and joy with their creative process. happiness and joy with their creative process.

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Show Highlights

Here is a summary of some of the topics Sheryl and Mary Ann discussed.

  • Mary Ann accidentally became a digital artist after retiring from her career as a wildlife biologist. She discovered fractal art online, learned how to create it using digital programs, and realized the connection between her new art form and her Interior Design business.  
  • Mary Ann and Sheryl discussed Mary Ann’s journey as a digital artist, including her exploration of AI and its use in creating art and assisting with writing. They also touched on the idea of separate contests for fine artists and AI artists. –  
  • Mary Ann and Sheryl discussed their experiences with AI and how it can be used as a helpful tool in various creative processes, such as generating images and assisting with client communication. They also addressed concerns about AI stealing artwork and concluded that AI simply combines different elements to create new compositions rather than copying existing works.   
  • Sheryl and Mary Ann discussed the benefits and limitations of using AI, specifically ChatGPT, for writing purposes. They found that while AI could generate ideas and help with writing, it required curation and sometimes provided inaccurate information.  
  • Mary Ann and Sheryl discussed the importance of disclosing the use of AI in art creation and the significance of adding a personal touch to artwork. Mary Ann also shared her positive experience and insights gained from completing a 100-day art challenge inspired by Sheryl , which inspired her to prioritize creating art and sharing her creations with the world. 
  • Sheryl and Mary Ann discussed the vulnerability of sharing one’s art and the positive impact it can have on others. They also mentioned the importance of continuous practice and the butterfly effect of inspiring others through sharing. 
  • Mary Ann discussed the benefits she experienced from sharing her art and creating a consistent art practice. She also mentioned how participating in Saturday Night Live Art Shows and engaging with other artists in the group has opened doors to new opportunities and relationships.  
  • Sheryl and Mary Ann discussed their experiences of connecting with other artists through social media platforms and how it has led to opportunities such as art exhibits and publishing a book (Activate Your Life Volume 4). They also talked about the importance of setting up their spaces to support their goals and using art and design to attract wealth, health, and love into their lives, as noted in Mary Ann’s chapter.  
  • Mary Ann and Sheryl discussed the importance of art and energy in creating a space. They also talked about the creation of Mary Ann’s digital Oracle card deck, “A Message From the Universe”,  that allows for infinite possibilities and links to various resources.  
  • Sheryl and Mary Ann discussed their excitement about discovering this new way to create oracle card decks digitally. They also emphasized the importance of supporting and inspiring each other as artists, and encouraged others to follow their hearts and explore different creative avenues.  
  • Sheryl and Mary Ann discussed the beauty and uniqueness of fractal art, including energy art portraits and fractal art pieces. Mary Ann shared where people could find her work on her website and her Oracle Card deck.

Mentioned on the Show

AI Art

So what does AI art look like? See Mary Ann’s AI/fractal art collage collection here. 

Art Prints

Digital Oracle Cards- "A Message From the Universe.

Sheryl inspired Mary Ann to try the 100 day art challenge, which changed her life as she continues creating and sharing art every day, well beyond the 100 days. This provided alot of artistic material for several new artistic adventures.

She recently published a digital oracle card deck which you can download on your phone, “A Message From The Universe”.  It is a great gift for yourself or a friend.

Activate Your Life Volume 4

Another outcome from the 100 day challenge was that Mary Ann was invited to write a chapter for the latest edition of the best-selling series of books, ‘Activate Your Life Vol IV’ – 25 Transformational Exercises from Coaches around the world. Her chapter is called “Get Aligned & Attract Wealth, Health, and Love with Interior Design” It has several excercises you can easily do at home in a short time to evaluate how you are doing and if your space is supporting you to attract wealth, health and love. Look for it on Amazon.

Activate Your Life- Volume 4

Energy Art Portraits

Sheryl mentioned the meaningful energy art portraits she commissioned for herself and her friend. Learn more.

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By Mary Ann Benoit

President- Northern Lights Home Staging and Design Owner- Arctic Paradise Bed and Breakfast Artist- Stained Glass, Jewelry and Alcohol Ink Art Wildlife Biologist Director- Kaleido World Percussion and Dance Company Director- Tavus Dance Company of Alaska Lover of music, art, dance and animals.