Tell Your Story with Global Style Interior Design

Tell your story with global style Interior Design.

What is a Global Design Style?

Global styles capture the essence of your adventures across the world, weaving together a tapestry of your experiences and stories. Characterized by vibrant hues, they radiate with the boldness of designs inspired by various cultures, suffused with rich textures and patterns. Every item isn’t just a decor piece; it’s a narrative, sparking curiosity and conversations.

Instead of adhering to a strict theme, treasures find their place without being confined by their origin. It’s a harmonious chaos where antiques cozy up to contemporary pieces, and nature plays its part—be it through the rugged beauty of animal horns, the serene presence of plants, or the raw allure of stones.

Although the heart of global design revels in its eclectic nature—melding elements from myriad cultures—certain colors and cultural symbols might resonate more deeply with you, reflecting your unique journeys and preferences. This design approach isn’t about uniformity; it’s about personal expression, celebrating diversity, memories, and the beautiful mosaic of worldwide cultures.

Examples of Global Style

Global design styles are a treasure trove of cultural richness and diversity. Here are some of my favorite styles and why I like them.

  1. Bohemian: Rooted in a free-spirited and unconventional ethos, the Bohemian style celebrates individuality. It’s marked by an eclectic mix of vibrant colors, mismatched patterns, and a blend of old and new. Common elements include macrame hangings, colorful textiles, and layered rugs.

  2. Turkish: Turkish design radiates with opulence and intricate detailing. Think of ornate lanterns, sumptuous kilim rugs, and Iznik tiles with their intricate blue and red motifs. Brass and copperware, often with intricate engravings, are also hallmarks.

  3. Moroccan: This style evokes the allure of a desert oasis. Key elements include geometric mosaics, lanterns, carved wooden pieces, and rich textiles in deep reds, oranges, and blues. Arched doorways and lush courtyards complete the look.

  4. Mexican: Bursting with vivid colors, Mexican interiors draw from its indigenous cultures and Spanish colonial influences. Hand-painted Talavera tiles, rustic wooden furniture, and vibrant textiles are central, along with folk art pieces and pottery.

  5. Greek: Greek design channels the serene beauty of the Mediterranean. Bright white and deep blue are dominant colors, reminiscent of the iconic Santorini landscapes. Elements include airy linens, hand-painted ceramics, and rustic wooden details.

  6. Indian: Indian interiors are a tapestry of rich hues, intricate patterns, and spiritual motifs. Brass lamps, colorful silk textiles, carved wooden furniture, and ornamental mirrors are typical. The vibrant colors—saffron, turquoise, and fuchsia—are inspired by Indian festivals and landscapes.


A common thread that binds these styles is the emphasis on craftsmanship and the use of natural materials, making them perfect for eco-friendly and sustainable designs. The use of wool, silk, wood, bone, and stone, among others, underscores a deep connection to the earth and traditional artisanal practices.

So, which ones resonates with your personal experiences, aesthetic preferences, and the ambiance you want to create?

Each style has its unique charm, narrative, and essence. Which one feels like home to you? Which one ignites your wanderlust or brings back cherished memories?

Global Styler Interior Design- Bohemian
Global Styler Interior Design- Turkish
Global Styler Interior Design- Moroccan
Global Styler Interior Design- Mexican
What's Your Global Design Style- Greek
Energy Archetype- Indian

Let's Create Your Global Style Design

Are you ready to transform your home into a sanctuary that not only looks amazing but also uplifts and supports you? Imagine that.

Think about living in a space that truly reflects who you are. How does it make you feel?

My approach to interior design, called Aligned Design, revolves around three key elements: art, science, and energy. It’s at the intersection of these three where the magic happens.

Creating a space that embraces your unique sense of beauty, color, and energy while attracting positivity in the form of prosperity, well-being, love, and self-expression aligns you with the universe. This alignment empowers you to lead your best life and make a positive impact on the world.

Global-style interior design, a part of this creative journey, is something you’ll truly enjoy as we embark on creating a space that’s perfectly tailored to you.

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By Mary Ann Benoit

President- Northern Lights Home Staging and Design Owner- Arctic Paradise Bed and Breakfast Artist- Stained Glass, Jewelry and Alcohol Ink Art Wildlife Biologist Director- Kaleido World Percussion and Dance Company Director- Tavus Dance Company of Alaska Lover of music, art, dance and animals.


  1. So many colorful choices! Global style is perfect for the world traveler and collector, I think, it is so full or energy and personality !

    1. Yes, global style is really fun and versatile. It is such a great way for a person to tell their own story, rather than to pick a “style” or an inspiration photo from a magazine or online and try to copy a certain look. I love all the colors, textures and hand made elements and love that most global styles are eco-friendly too! Thanks for reading!

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