Wearable Art- Celebrate the Masterpiece you Are!

When you see art that you love for your house, do you ever wish you could find that same design in a beautiful scarf, shawl, jewelry or a top? Or maybe a tie for your favorite guy? I know I do! Wearable art! Why not, you are a work of art yourself. Celebrate that! I have several artist studios offering my energy art on a variety of different products. Two of these, allow me to create beautiful wearable art, Vida and Le Galeriste. Both offer small selections of beautiful home decor as well. What Read more […]

Your Art Reflects Your Personality. Who are You?

Art is a reflection of your soul. Does it speak of your vibrant and eclectic spirit? Do you lean into fluidity and boldness? Are you captivated by intricate nuances? Do sinuous curves resonate more with you than rigid lines? Is it the voyage, rather than the endpoint, that intrigues you? Are you drawn to art that leaves a lingering, dramatic impact? Is the dance of texture and motion in art something you’re fond of? And do you believe that nature, in all its glory, is the ultimate artist?The art Read more […]

Embrace Color with Fractal Art for Interior Design

One of a kind fractal art for Interior Design by Mary Ann Benoit of Northern Lights Home Staging and Design available for sale at SSP Studio and Gallery in Anchorage AK. Shipping available everywhere.

I recently discovered an art form called fractal art and love working with it to create beautiful pieces that are perfect for your Interior Design project! I love working with the brilliant colors, textures and the incredible detail possible with Fractal art. So what is fractal art? I do not totally understand it myself. It is a  form of algorithmic art created by calculating fractal objects which can create still and moving images. It is a form of computer or digital art developed in the Read more […]