4 Ways to Create the Home Office of Your Dreams Without Putting a Dent on Your Budget

There’s no place like home to work, and it can help you maintain a healthy work-life balance when done right. You’re spared commuting, you can enjoy a flexible schedule, and working from home is known to lower stress levels and increase productivity—on top of many other benefits. Among the best ways to guarantee this is to create a working environment that’s set up for success, focus, and inspiration. Here’s how to do so without breaking the bank. Stock up on essentials. At the most fundamental Read more […]

Saturday Night Live Art Shows- Designer Office with Energy Art

Welcome to Saturday Night Live Art Shows. In this show, I share an office I designed for an older couple that chooses to sometimes work from home for extra income. This Edesign is one of the rooms I designed for the MyDoma Designer Virtual Home Tour Contest. See how you can use energy art to create a beautiful space that reflects who you truly are. The clients, the Jones’s, are an older couple aging in place in their home. Cassandra still chooses to work as an Interior Designer with choice clients Read more […]

Vintage Boho Office- How a Designer Thinks

Have you ever wondered how Interior Designers come up with designs for you?  Are you curious what it might be like to work with an Interior Designer or what Edesign is all about? I’m sure all designers have their own ways of creating that perfect space for you!  One of the reasons you hire us is because we can visualize the possibilities of an empty space, which is something most people have difficulty with. So how do we do it? To take a look inside the brain of a designer, at least this designer, Read more […]

Tips for Converting Your Home into a Rental Property

When most people move into a new home, they sell their old property. But this isn’t your only option! If you want to skip the stress of marketing your home and negotiating with buyers—especially during the age of social distancing—consider turning it into a rental property. Converting your residence into a rental is a great way to get into the world of real estate investing and earn some passive income. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get set up and find your first tenants! Make Read more […]

Up Your Game and Look Great on Zoom

Zoom meetings are becoming our new normal. We are working, learning and entertaining from home online to stay connected. Our co-workers, parents, teachers and students now have an intimate look into our homes whether we like it or not! Or do they? Not if you have a great Zoom background!Turn your messy bedroom or kitchen table into a beautiful office, or a beautifully decorated living room set up for a party designed by an Interior Designer!   The EDesign Tribe has created beautiful Zoom Room Read more […]

The #MYZOOMROOM Challenge

The eDesign Tribe has created the first Zoom Room Background Download Contest for it’s Edesigners.  The most downloads by 4/17/20 wins the challenge!  I have 3 zoom backgrounds of a beautiful, serene office. Go Green! If you like any of my designs, I would love your vote. It’s $10 to download one background and if you do, it is equal to one vote for me. Click on the images below for the links to my designs. My designs are on page 3. There are lots of other beautiful designs as well Read more […]

How to Work from Home Stress Free

Struggling to concentrate while working from home? Overwhelmed by distractions or hesitant to show your workspace on Zoom calls with clients? Whether you’re making do with the kitchen table, repurposing a spare room, or seeking a fresh revamp for your usual home office, it’s time for a change. Tips for Creating a Stress Free Office There’s loads of advice available on creating the ideal office space, from optimizing natural light to managing cords. While you’re likely aware of the functional Read more […]