Paying for College by Flipping Houses

Paying for College by Flipping Houses If you’re an adult looking to head back to school, expect to pay through your nose for it: A college education will set you back anywhere from $10,423 to $39,723 in most places. Flipping houses is a potentially fast, convenient way to save up the money you need for college. An average flip takes 177 days (close to 5 months), according to an ATTOM report, with a typical gross profit of $64,900 – which is enough for your tuition and then some. If you’re Read more […]

Tips for Converting Your Home into a Rental Property

When most people move into a new home, they sell their old property. But this isn’t your only option! If you want to skip the stress of marketing your home and negotiating with buyers—especially during the age of social distancing—consider turning it into a rental property. Converting your residence into a rental is a great way to get into the world of real estate investing and earn some passive income. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get set up and find your first tenants! Make Read more […]

Helpful Tips for Buying an Investment Property That Attracts Renters

Purchasing a home with the goal of renting it for extra income requires taking a hard look at the property. Appealing to renters is essential for your success — an investment property provides no return if it sits empty. Chances are, you face stiff competition for renters. If the supply outpaces the demand, you must devote time, energy, and money in order to secure a consistent return on the investment. A little paint and new bathroom fixtures can go a long way to show a renter that you care about Read more […]