Tips for a Brighter, Happier, and Healthier Living Space

Has your home become the backdrop for most of your day? Whether you are working out of the house rather than in the office or skipping restaurants in favor of home-cooked meals, these tips from Northern Lights Home Staging and Design can help you refresh your living space and make it as cheery and welcoming as possible. Declutter Your Space Many home improvements are simple enough to be done without professional help. For example, decluttering is a DIY job that can make an enormous difference in Read more […]

Settling into Your New Home After Retirement: Tips for a Happy and Quick Adjustment

Retirement is a time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Many retirees choose to move to a new home during this time, whether it’s downsizing to a smaller space or moving closer to family and friends. Adjusting to a new home after retirement can be challenging, but with a few tips and tricks from Northern Lights Home Staging and Design, you can quickly and happily settle into your new space. Before You Move In Now is the perfect moment to consider the colors for your new space and Read more […]

Paying for College by Flipping Houses

Paying for College by Flipping Houses If you’re an adult looking to head back to school, expect to pay through your nose for it: A college education will set you back anywhere from $10,423 to $39,723 in most places. Flipping houses is a potentially fast, convenient way to save up the money you need for college. An average flip takes 177 days (close to 5 months), according to an ATTOM report, with a typical gross profit of $64,900 – which is enough for your tuition and then some. If you’re Read more […]

Take the Stress Out of Handling Paperwork When Buying and Selling a Home

With the home buying and selling process comes a lot of paperwork. It can be overwhelming, but there are ways to make it easier. Northern Lights Home Staging and Design has compiled some tips and tricks to take the stress out of this process. Find the Best Rates Before you start looking for homes, it is important to know what budget you can work within. Carefully estimate what you can afford to buy and research mortgages that will fit your needs and budget. Knowing your budget will help Read more […]