Saturday Night Live Art Shows- Designer Office with Energy Art

Saturday Night Live Art Shows- Designer Office with Energy Art

Welcome to Saturday Night Live Art Shows. In this show, I share an office I designed for an older couple that chooses to sometimes work from home for extra income. This Edesign is one of the rooms I designed for the MyDoma Designer Virtual Home Tour Contest. See how you can use energy art to create a beautiful space that reflects who you truly are. 

The clients, the Jones’s, are an older couple aging in place in their home. Cassandra still chooses to work as an Interior Designer with choice clients from her home office. 

This dream office highlights her energy art creations, and how she uses them to tune in to what others need, and create the perfect spaces for them.

 In essence, Cassandra is me, and this is what my dream office might look like. It is an example of shining your own light and inspiring others to do the same.

 Learn more about each piece of art and how it affects the energy of the room below. All combined create an office that is relaxing, creative, and unique, that inspires others to shine their light in their homes. 


Designer Office with Energy Art- See the Show

Thanks to Saturday Night Live Art Shows creator, artist Brooke Harker and her co-hosts Joan Marie of Joan Marie ArtSheryl Benjy, and Nichole McDaniel for making this possible.

Be sure to check out all the other artists from around the world, having art shows in their Facebook and social media feeds at 6-9 pm in their time zones. Follow Saturday Night Live Art Shows on Facebook by searching #snlartshows.


"The Shiny Ones" Aligned Energy Art

If you have watched some of my previous shows, you know everything is energy.

“The Shiny Ones”  is inspired by those who shine their light, beauty, and energy to help light the way for others and make the world a better place. The Shiny Ones” shown on the wall mural, inspires people to be true to who they truly are. 

"The Shiny Ones" fractal art wall-mural by Mary Ann Benoit
"The Shiny Ones" 8 x 8 wall mural

"The Fountain" Aligned Energy Art

“The Fountain” shown on the chairs, represents water. In Feng Shui, the water element enhances imagination and creativity. It teaches us to go with the flow using the path of least resistance. This design inspires us to create what we want easily, rather than forcing things by “over-doing “.

The Fountain chair
"The Fountain" fractal art chair by Mary Ann Benoit

 Aligned Energy Art  is another layer of meaning beyond the visual beauty in creating your perfect space that is  aligned with who you want to be.

"I Love Your Energy" Aligned Energy Art

 “The Water Element”, represents water, ease, and flow. “I Love Your Energy”, is available on the design as an option. shows the importance of energy in the design. 

The table balances energy elements such as fire, water, earth, metal, and wood. The rose has the highest frequency of any living thing.

 The office is filled with ease, flow, and creative energy that shows who Cassandra is and inspires others to shine their light in their homes. 

I Love Your Energy fractal art by Mary Ann Benoit
One of a kind fractal art by Mary Ann Benoit.

Get the Look

Learn more about some of the other designer products I used in this space, contact me to create your own design.

What is Fractal Art?

Fractal art is digital art I create on my computer. I love creating fractal art because it allows me to work with brilliant colors, interesting textures, and incredible detail. Learn more about how it is created in my Saturday Night Live Art Show, ” A Passion for Purple” where I show some videos of the process. 

See more of my Fractal Art/ Sacred Geometry designs on Fine Art America or Society 6

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Are You Ready to Create Your Perfect Space with Art?

Isn’t it time to create a space that is aligned with who you truly are?

My unique Interior Design philosophy combines:

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The SCIENCE of color

The ENERGY of well-being

Art + Science + Energy = Magic

Get an Aligned Design consultation which includes an Interior Design, Color, and Energy consultation, and custom fractal art to tie it all together. 

Learn More About Energy, Healing, and Transforming Your Life

Many of the energy concepts that inspire my art to create harmonious energy in your home, I learned from Jim Fortin’s Transformational Coaching Program (TCP). His program changed my life and almost everyone that I know that has taken it. Get on the waitlist for the next TCP program here.

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Saturday Night Live Art Shows- Designer Office with Energy Art
Saturday Night Live Art Shows- Designer Office with Energy Art
Saturday Night Live Art Shows- Designer Office with Energy Art
Saturday Night Live Art Shows- Designer Office with Energy Art

By Mary Ann Benoit

President- Northern Lights Home Staging and Design Owner- Arctic Paradise Bed and Breakfast Artist- Stained Glass, Jewelry and Alcohol Ink Art Wildlife Biologist Director- Kaleido World Percussion and Dance Company Director- Tavus Dance Company of Alaska Lover of music, art, dance and animals.