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Interior Design Portfolio- Northern Lights Home Staging and Design

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Interior Design Portfolio

Here are some examples of my in person and online Interior Design work. Learn more about my local Interior Design services and online Edesign services.


Here are some examples of my online Interior Designs. To learn more about these projects, see my Edesign Portfolio.

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In Person Design

Seward Alaska Interior Design- Bed and Breakfast Remodel

Looking to update your rental property? This Bed and breakfast in a 1950’s home was updated in the rental bedroom, bathroom and common areas (kitchen, living room and front entry) guests see when entering the home. The bed and breakfast specializes in wildlife viewing, so the decor highlighted this theme.The kitchen, bath and living room were remodeled. The bedroom had outdated decor and no heat source.  New bedding, linens, cabinet hardware and an electric fireplace were added. The bathroom was overwhelmed by outdated pink and blue flowered flooring and wallpaper, an outdated vanity, faucets and lighting. The wallpaper was removed and painted a beautiful green to highlight the new hummingbird shower curtain. The vanity, faucets, lighting, flooring were replaced and missing baseboard molding was added. New towels and rugs were added for a fun, fresh and updated look.

The owner was on a limited budget and the entire project was completed for less than $4000. After the remodel, the owner was able to increase the rental price. Bookings increased by 25% and the entire project was paid for by increased bookings in the first season!

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I also developed social media advertising for this Bed and Breakfast by developing a Facebook page to assist in rental property marketing.

Seward Alaska Interior Design- Kitchen Remodel  

This outdated Alaska kitchen was small, poorly laid out and lacked storage. A roll away dishwasher blocked the range. New flooring, counter tops and fresh paint on the walls and dated cabinets were added.  A new dishwasher and a garbage disposal were installed  under the cabinets. Additional cabinet and counter space were created by building a rolling island from 2 unfinished cabinets placed to the left of the range. A curtain blocks views of the utility room  This remodel only cost $2500!

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Englewood Florida Interior Design- Kitchen and Dining Area Remodel

This kitchen developed a slow leak which resulted in a mold problem. The cabinet framework and flooring needed to be replaced. The owner was on a tight budget and wanted to keep the existing cabinets. We rebuilt the framework, re-used the cabinets and replaced the flooring and counter tops. The entire kitchen remodel/redesign cost about $4000. Making your kitchen look great does not have to cost a fortune!

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Seward Alaska Interior Design- Living Room 

The living room and entryway of this musician’s home were updated in this 1950’s Alaska house. The 30 year old carpet was replaced with laminate flooring and missing baseboard molding was added. A new rug, accent pillows and art updated the look. The area was de-cluttered and instruments re-arranged to give a feeling of more space and highlight the owner’s passion for music. The floor lamp was removed and new track lighting and two new floor lamps were added to create more balanced, effective and dramatic lighting. The entryway, front door and trim were painted for a fresh new colorful look.

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