10 Reasons to Love Global Style Interior Design

10 Reasons to Love Global Style Interior Design. Global Style Interior Design is colorful, eco-friendly,, full of texture and pattern, celebrates artisans, culture and history, connects to the outdoors and tells your story.

Global Style Interior Design weaves the narrative of your life’s journeys into your living space. Every artifact holds a tale, sparking engaging conversations. It’s a curated collection of treasures, both aged and contemporary, sourced from diverse corners of the world. This design approach creates a symphony of color, texture, art, and heritage. Dive into these 10 compelling reasons to embrace the global style, accompanied by decor inspirations to help you achieve this eclectic aesthetic

Global Style Celebrates Color

Global Style Interior Design captivates me, especially with its vibrant and bold hues. The colors that define a country often draw inspiration from its landscapes, flora, spices, emblems, and even its national flags, seldom settling for mere neutrals.

Get the Look- Global Style-Indian

Global Style Celebrates Artisans

Global style is a mosaic of distinctive art, each piece echoing the vibrant hues and cultural nuances of different nations. For this Bohemian-style living room, I drew inspiration from my personal fractal art, a tribute to the sumptuous colors and intricate textures that epitomize Bohemian elegance.

Get the Look- Global Style-Bohemian

Global Styles are Connected to the Outdoors

I’m enamored by how global styles often harmoniously intertwine their colors and patterns with nature. For instance, in the Greek-style living room I curated, the design is deeply resonant with the coastal vibes—reflecting the azure hues of the Greek sea and sky, the earthy tones of its rocky terrains, and the vibrant shades of its indigenous flora.

Get the Look- Global Style- Greek

Global Style Loves Pattern and Color

Global style thrives on the artful fusion of captivating textures and intricate patterns. From the gentle caress of silk to the tactile embrace of textured wool, the allure of carved wood, and the sophistication of metals adorned with elaborate embossed or cut-out motifs—these elements converge harmoniously. When combined with the enchanting cultural patterns adorning rugs, pillows, and artwork, they create a masterpiece of layering. Just like this meticulously crafted design for a global style living room, where every glance reveals a tapestry of rich diversity and captivating allure.

Saturday Night Live Art Shows- "Unveiling Time".

Global Style Tells Your Story

Global style is your canvas to narrate your unique tale. Be it Bohemian whimsy or minimalist elegance, the charm of vintage or the edge of modern, vibrant hues or subdued palettes – it’s about weaving your narrative. Choose global elements that resonate with you, just like in this contemporary global style living room, and let your space echo your individuality

"Heart Chakra" energy art on the wall art and 2 pillows and tray and Sacral Chakra on one of the pillows.

Global Styles Celebrate Culture and History

Global style reveres the rich tapestry of cultures and histories from which they emerge. It can be a singular ode to one nation or a melange of inspirations from across the globe. To truly encapsulate its essence, consider integrating decor unique to a specific culture. Take, for instance, this design inspired by Turkish aesthetics. Turkey, renowned for its exquisite Kilim rugs, beautifully exemplifies how specific cultural artifacts can elevate a space.

Get the Look- Global Style- Turkish

Global Style Celebrates the Magic of Lighting

The allure of global style designs is amplified by their captivating lighting choices. Often handcrafted, these luminaries feature intricate metal cutouts that cast enchanting patterns of light, akin to the magic found in many Moroccan and Turkish homes. Mexico also excels in crafting exquisite lighting, exemplifying how lighting transcends mere function to become a hallmark of beauty. 

Get the Look- Global Style- Moroccan
Beautiful Moroccan lighting. Edesign by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design.

Global Style Design Mixes Old and New

Global style is the perfect dance between the time-honored and the contemporary. In spaces like this Vintage Boho Office, there’s a seamless blend of the modern with relics from the past. Treasured items, such as Moroccan rugs, often bear the weight of generational stories. By interweaving cultural artifacts, cherished family heirlooms, and contemporary accents, you’re not just designing a space—you’re curating a visual biography of your life and lineage.

Global Style Celebrates Your Adventures

Global Style Interior Design is like weaving the chapters of your adventures into your living space. It brings to life the tales of places you’ve been by showcasing the treasures you’ve gathered along the way. Take, for instance, this Mexican-inspired dining area where the handmade lighting casts shadows reminiscent of Mexican evenings. It’s a sensory journey, right in your home.

See the Beauty of the World in Shades of Orange

Global Style is Eco-Friendly

Global style is intrinsically tied to nature, championing eco-friendly and sustainable design practices. Central to its ethos is the utilization of authentic, natural materials. From plush wool rugs that cradle your feet, to metallic accents that reflect tradition, intricately carved wooden furniture that narrates craftsmanship, to tactile leather and versatile rattan. There’s also the timeless appeal of natural stone and the earthen touch of pottery. Each element not only adds aesthetic value but also underscores a commitment to the environment and reverence for the natural world

Get the Look- Global Style-Mexican

Learn more about Global style design in my article, Tell Your Story with Global Style Interior Design.  Curious about what Global Style might be right for you? Take the quiz below. Ready to try to get the look in your own home? Try one of my Edesign packages.

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Create Your Perfect Globally Inspired Space

Global styles are a perfect fit for aligning art, science, and energy to create a space perfectly aligned to support you. Get a consultation today.

Given the principles of your Aligned Design system, which focuses on harmonizing beauty, color science, and well-being, it’s clear why global design styles are a seamless fit. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Art of Beauty: Global design styles inherently celebrate the beauty of various cultures. Every piece, from a handwoven rug from Morocco to carved wooden artifacts from Bali, is a testament to the artistic skills honed over generations. This beauty aligns well with the art-centric facet of Aligned Design.

  2. Science of Color: Global design taps into a vast palette influenced by natural landscapes, cultural festivities, and traditional crafts from around the world. The colors aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but are steeped in cultural significance. The Aligned Design system, with its emphasis on the science of color, can leverage these rich palettes to evoke specific feelings and energies.

  3. Energy of Well-being: Global styles often prioritize natural, eco-friendly materials that resonate with the energy of the earth. Materials like wood, stone, and organic fabrics not only have a minimal ecological footprint but also exude an innate warmth and grounding energy. This aligns perfectly with Aligned Design’s goal of promoting well-being.

  4. Personal Resonance: Global design, with its myriad of styles, allows individuals to choose elements that truly resonate with them. Whether it’s a memory from a trip or a connection to one’s roots, these design elements can serve as a reflection of personal journeys and transformations.

  5. Transformational Journey: As people evolve, so can their interiors. Global design styles are versatile, allowing spaces to evolve and adapt. This fluidity is perfectly suited for individuals on transformational journeys, ensuring their spaces always align with their current phase of life.

  6. Holistic Integration: The Aligned Design system, in aiming for harmony and balance, would appreciate global design’s holistic approach. Every element in global design has a story, a purpose, and an energy, ensuring a space is more than just visually appealing—it becomes a sanctuary for growth and well-being.

Given these alignments, it’s evident that global design styles can beautifully complement and enrich your design using my Aligned Design system, creating spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and deeply nurturing. Need help? Let’s do a consultation and see what’s possible.


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By Mary Ann Benoit

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