Are you Living Your Dharma?

Are you Living Your Dharma?

My journey with my dharma started with the onset of the pandemic, and it has continued to unfold in increasingly fascinating ways as we travel together.

Amidst the pandemic, I chose transformation and growth. I dove into personal development and business courses while re-energizing with daily online dance sessions. It’s been a journey of enrichment and well-being.

My courses led me to thinking of my dharma quite a bit. Interestingly, I did not know what this term meant before that. But it kept coming up and jumping out in front of me.  “Hey, you, I’m your dharma…are you paying attention”?  Well OK, now I am. Who are you and what do you want?

“I am your purpose in life. Your true calling – what you were put here to do”. OK, well, you are a little fuzzy and nebulous. Could you make yourself a little clearer?  “Yeah, but you have to do some work to help make that happen.” OK, I have time. Let’s get to it.

Are you Living Your Dharma?

At the time, I enrolled in Jim Fortin’s Transformational Coaching Program with the intention of enhancing my design business. The core principle of the program is rooted in self-development: ‘BE more to DO more and HAVE more,’ not the conventional ‘HAVE, DO, BE’ approach. Surprisingly, many business-focused participants, including myself, found that their personal transformation took precedence, serving as a catalyst for professional growth. My journey mirrors this pattern. Since joining, I’ve overhauled my diet, shed 10 pounds, kicked the smoking habit, found inner peace, and embraced the philosophy of doing less but doing it better, all while fostering gratitude for my blessings. Investing in this program during the challenging COVID-19 era has deepened its impact, reinforcing the idea that the journey itself is as significant as the destination.

Incorporating principles from Hal Elrod’s “The Miracle Morning,” I’ve created a daily routine that involves moments of silence, visualization, exercise, reading, and writing. 


While diving into the book, a resonating quote by the inspirational Jim Rohn caught my attention: “Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become.” This insight clarified why many, initially seeking business growth, pivot to personal development. And while my journey encompasses both personal and business growth, I truly value the personal evolutions I’m undergoing.

Are you Living Your Dharma?

A recurring theme in the program, which has intrigued me, is the idea that wealth isn’t derived from hard work alone, but from the universe. Initially, this seemed perplexing: How could that be possible? 


The crux of the message is that when you’re deeply engaged in a passion, something you’d pursue even without monetary rewards, and it benefits others, prosperity naturally follows.

One of the business coaches posted a quote by a famous dancer, Martha Graham. Being a dancer, I thought, OK, you are speaking my love language now. Let’s hear it.

Are you Living Your Dharma?

And now it makes more sense. We are all unique in all of time and space. We all have our individual voices. If we can just get out of our own way and out from under all the personal stuff that holds us back, by Being better, we can open the channel and let it come through. That is our dharma. When it happens, the money will come.

A fellow Interior Designer, Leslie Carothers said  on Facebook once, NO ONE is YOU. NO ONE has your heart, your soul, your exact combination of the *magic* that makes working with you such a special experience.

Are you Living Your Dharma?

In a sense, we do not need to define our dharma. Instead, we must just remain receptive to its flow through us, allowing it to naturally manifest.

I used to believe my dharma, was to sprinkle joy and growth into people’s lives by creating beauty—whether that be through vibrant Interior Design, rhythmic dance, distinctive jewelry or stained glass, or inspiring energy art.

My art celebrates vivacious colors and intricate textures,  respects the environment, fosters our bond with nature and embraces the global tapestry of design.

However, a deeper introspection led me to understand that my true dharma lies in channeling energy messages about the universe to help individuals discover their authentic selves and reach their full potential. The art and design I create? They’re the vessels for these transformative messages. So when you resonate with my energy art or seek my expertise in design, you’re essentially helping me honor and live out my dharma. Thank you!

Now, I’d like to turn the mirror towards you: Are you currently living in alignment with your dharma? If not, perhaps I can offer assistance in moving you closer to that path through the transformative power of Aligned Design.

My Dharma In Action

Here are some examples of some of my energy art and Interior Designs that I am inspired to create.

Energy Art and Home Decor

Wearable Art

A transformational design experience that aligns Art, Science and Energy to Make Magic Happen in your Home and Life. Includes Interior Design, Color and Energy alignment advice to create a space perfectly aligned with you. We'll use Energy Art, personalized to reflect your true self, as the foundation of your space's transformation.

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By Mary Ann Benoit

President- Northern Lights Home Staging and Design Owner- Arctic Paradise Bed and Breakfast Artist- Stained Glass, Jewelry and Alcohol Ink Art Wildlife Biologist Director- Kaleido World Percussion and Dance Company Director- Tavus Dance Company of Alaska Lover of music, art, dance and animals.


  1. Well, I had never heard of dharma until I read this post, Mary Ann, but I think a lot about my purpose and my “why”. I believe everyone has a unique and essential contribution to make to the world. We become fully human and all we were created to be when we are living and leaning into that purpose.

    1. I so agree! I think that just thinking about our dharma and reason for being and how we can contribute helps us to recognize what makes us unique and share it. Many people never think about it at all. Thanks for reading:)

  2. Mary Ann, this is such a beautiful post. First of all, congratulations on all of the changes you have made for you.

    Secondly, thank you for enlightening me on Dharma.

    1. Thank you Sheri!! I have been so much happier making positive changes and it was not as hard as I expected. Just getting started is half the battle! It makes me happy to know I am thinking about what I am meant to do and working on it every day:)

  3. I didn’t know what Dharma was, but glad I do now! I believe I’m living my Dharma!

  4. Great timing on this. I need to address myself and my Dharma. 🙂

    Great post. So interesting! I pinned it!

    1. This is the perfect time, when the world is taking a little break….at least in some things. All the best to you and your dharma!!

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