I Learned to Solve All My Interior Design Problems by Dancing-Light Transforms Ordinary to Extraordinary

I Learned to Solve All My Interior Design Problems by Dancing-Distractions Ruin Everything. Remove clutter, visual disparity and consider yourself part of the design. Do you enjoy the look, feel, and smell of your space?

Are you Living Your Dharma?

My journey with my dharma started with the onset of the pandemic, and it has continued to unfold in increasingly fascinating ways as we travel together. Amidst the pandemic, I chose transformation and growth. I dove into personal development and business courses while re-energizing with daily online dance sessions. It’s been a journey of enrichment and well-being. My courses led me to thinking of my dharma quite a bit. Interestingly, I did not know what this term meant before that. But it kept Read more […]

Unfolding Magic: The Bird’s Eye Brilliance of Flat Lays

A flat lay is a bird’s eye view of a lot of magic possibilities about to unfold before you. At its simplest, it is a picture of objects arranged on a flat surface being viewed from above. But it is so much more! When used in Interior Design, a flat lay creates endless possibilities for creating a perfect space. A flat lay is an idea filled with possibilities. As an example, here is a flat lay I created that was inspired by the beauty of Pintail duck and eagle feathers. Being a wildlife biologist Read more […]

Create an Exotic Global Style Living Room with a Gorgeous Blue Rug

Create an exotic global style living room with a gorgeous blue rug

Bohemian style celebrates warm earthy colors, metals and jewel tones. Bohemian decor often uses deep browns, greens, grays or other neutral colors for base colors, then accessorizes with saturated purple, fiery orange, and electric blue and other jewel tones. Bohemian style lovers are often carefree, dislike rules and want to follow their heart’s desire! Do you like vintage furniture and light fixtures, globally inspired textiles and rugs, and love displaying your collections of cool things Read more […]