I Learned to Solve All My Interior Design Problems by Dancing and Playing Music- We All Hear Music Differently

I Learned To Solve All My Interior Design Problems by Dancing and Playing Music- We All Hear Music Differently

Do You Hear What I Hear? In my drum class, my teacher Amir played a video of a woman singing and a drummer playing with her to a group of people. She was singing in a language we did not know. It was hard to tell from her expression what she was feeling or thinking, other than the song had a serious subject. He asked us after what the song was about and how we felt. Everyone had a different interpretation.We all hear and feel music differently. As a dancer, Read more […]

I Learned to Solve All My Interior Design Problems by Dancing and Playing Music- Precision is Beautiful

Precision is Beautiful Precision equals beauty. I know, it sounds weird. But it’s true!Today in drum class, as we were practicing our “ornaments” or rolls coming before the main notes, my teacher Amir said, “You are all playing very precisely today. It is very beautiful. Our ornaments are a series of three notes played with the left hand that lead up to the main note played with the right hand. What makes them precise and beautiful is that each note is clear, Read more […]

I Learned To Solve All My Interior Design Problems by Dancing- There Can Only Be One Star

There Can Only Be One Star in Every Show There can only be one star in every show.This one star shines brighter than all the rest.The audience knows that is the person that will bring the magic to them.They can’t take their eyes off the star.  There should only be one star. Photo by Gage Smith on Unsplash The Star Can Be The Group- If They Dance as One. But what if there is a group of performers? The star is the group and the unified magical Read more […]

I Learned to Solve all my Interior Design Problems by Dancing- Be Brave

Bravery.It is a good quality to have, in dancing,  design, and life.Often, we are afraid to put ourselves out there and be who we really are for fear others will judge us.Guess what? They will judge us no matter what we do. It is human nature to make meaning of everything.  So, why give others the power to control how we live?Be yourself. Be brave. Let your uniqueness shine through in your dance or design. It is a beautiful gift you give to yourself and others.And, bravery makes the magic happen. Read more […]

I Learned to Solve all My Interior Design Problems by Dancing- Create Drama with Shapes

I learned to solve all my Interior Design problems by dancing. This is Part 3 on my revelations from dancing, on how to create a drama with shapes As I mentioned in my first article, it becomes increasingly clear that the threads of artistic expression weave a tapestry that transcends individual disciplines. The principles that animate the magic in Interior Design are akin to those that breathe life into any art form. The key lies in our ability to perceive, to truly see, listen, and feel. At Read more […]

I Learned to Solve All My Interior Design Problems by Dancing-Light Transforms Ordinary to Extraordinary

I Learned to Solve All My Interior Design Problems by Dancing-Distractions Ruin Everything. Remove clutter, visual disparity and consider yourself part of the design. Do you enjoy the look, feel, and smell of your space?

Get the Look- Global Style- Turkish #2

Turkish style is warm and inviting, earthy and exotic. There is an abundance of warm earth tones with pops of beautiful color. lots of patterns and texture and there is a slightly more rustic feel. It is simple, soft and relaxing.Turkey has ancient roots. The colors and textures of the land has inspired much of the art, colors and culture. Turkish elements are often used in Bohemian inspired designs.Turkish style showcases Byzantine and Ottoman architectural styles and modern and classical motifs. Byzantine Read more […]

Get the Look- Global Style- Moroccan

Moroccan design is filled with intricate carvings, arched doorways, beautiful tilework and vibrant colorful textured fabrics, baskets and accessories. Beautiful Intricate metal lanterns and pendant lights create amazing and magical patterns of light in your room. Moroccan homes use bright colors, such as red, blue, orange, turquoise, pale ocean blues and green mixed with gold. Interiors are filled with carved furniture pieces, poufs, floor cushions, textured vases, exotic figurines, Moroccan-inspired Read more […]

Get the Look- Global Style- Greek

Greek Interior Design is simple and elegant, inspired by nature, and looks light, bright, airy and clean.  Imagine lots of white with beautiful vivid blue, green, fuchsia and gold accents, and a clean, de-cluttered, rustic look, Designs tend to be simple, symmetrical, classical, and relaxing. Less is more. Some of the colors of Greece. Photo by Dimitris Kiriakakis on Unsplash. Greek style is an example of global style Interior Design. Global Style Read more […]

Get the Look- Global Style- Mexican #2

Mexican interiors radiate a vibrant warmth, effortlessly blending color and comfort with a touch of whimsy. These spaces capture the heart with their delightful fusion of handcrafted treasures from Spanish and Native Indian heritages, lending an age-old allure. The furnishings, rooted in the robust aesthetics of Spanish and Mayan cultures, are typically crafted from rich woods like pine, walnut, and cherry, or upholstered in genuine leather. Often exuding a rustic charm, these sofas, beds, and tables Read more […]