I Learned to Solve All My Interior Design Problems by Dancing-Light Transforms Ordinary to Extraordinary

I Learned to Solve All My Interior Design Problems by Dancing-Distractions Ruin Everything. Remove clutter, visual disparity and consider yourself part of the design. Do you enjoy the look, feel, and smell of your space?

Ways to Use Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze

When I first saw Sherwin William’s “Urbane Bronze”, I was unsure how I felt about it. Browns can be nice to work with, rather serene and a color of nature so nice to “bring the outside in”. Sherwin Williams 2021 Color of the Year, Urbane Bronze. Graphic by Camp Chroma. According to the color data Urbane Bronze is actually a yellow hue (really, it’s true) that looks brown because of it’s low chroma and lightness. Colorography of Urbane Bronze by Lori Sawaya of Camp Chroma. Sherwin Williams Read more […]

Unfolding Magic: The Bird’s Eye Brilliance of Flat Lays

A flat lay is a bird’s eye view of a lot of magic possibilities about to unfold before you. At its simplest, it is a picture of objects arranged on a flat surface being viewed from above. But it is so much more! When used in Interior Design, a flat lay creates endless possibilities for creating a perfect space. A flat lay is an idea filled with possibilities. As an example, here is a flat lay I created that was inspired by the beauty of Pintail duck and eagle feathers. Being a wildlife biologist Read more […]

Celebrate Your Favorite Color – Go Monochromatic

Many people struggle with finding the perfect color scheme, often bound by the constraints of their existing finishes. But what if we make this more fun? Imagine magnifying and embracing your favorite color wholeheartedly. Welcome to the world of Monochromatic design! Monochromatic schemes delve deep into one hue, exploring its diverse shades, tones, and tints. Visualize your cherished color transitioning from its lightest whisper to its richest depth, seamlessly incorporating white and black. Read more […]

Create a Harmonious Color Scheme – Go Analogous

People often struggle with creating a great color scheme.  Often, we start the conversation by talking about the limitations, or the box of colors you need to play with based on your fixed finishes.In my last article, Celebrate Your Favorite Color- Go Monochromatic, we talked about how you could take your favorite color and celebrate it in all it’s glory with a monochromatic color scheme. Simple and easy!What if you would like a little more color variety,  but still want something that is simple Read more […]

Opposite Colors Attract – Go Complimentary

Crafting the perfect color palette can be a daunting task for many. Often, the starting point revolves around fixed finishes and certain constraints. In my recent blog posts, we’ve delved into constructing color schemes from a favorite hue, like blue. We’ve explored monochromatic and analogous palettes, and today, we’re diving into complementary color schemes. Complementary colors are a pairing of hues that sit opposite each other on the color wheel. When juxtaposed, they amplify each other’s vibrancy Read more […]

How can I work with an Interior Designer on my budget?

How can I work with an Interior Designer on my budget? Many perceive hiring an Interior Designer as a lavish expenditure during home renovation or updates. Yet, partnering with an expert can prevent costly errors, ensuring your investment aligns with your vision. However, remodeling isn’t cheap, and budget constraints are real. Seeking professional advice that’s budget-friendly? Enter Edesign! Edesign is the future-forward approach to Interior Design – completely online. It doesn’t matter if Read more […]

The Colors of Summer- Bring the Outside In

Summer is one of my favorite times of year. It’s warm and the outdoors beckons, the colors explode with flowers, fruit, an explosion of green growth and the showiness of all the male birds. There is a feeling of abundance and adventure. Completion of all the things you have sown. It is bold and beautiful. Would you like to have that same look and feeling inside in your home year round? Take some color and other cues from nature and bring the outside in. Here is an example of what I mean. This Read more […]

Birds of a Feather- What Birds Can Teach Us About Designing the Perfect Room 3

Birds of a Feather- What Birds Can Teach Us About Designing the Perfect Room 3

Previously, I showed you how flat lays create endless possibilities for creating a perfect space and three flat lays inspired by bird feathers. Birds provide endless inspiration for creating beautiful designs with the intricate patterns,  colors, and textures of their feathers! Flat Lay #1- The Forest In my article Birds of a Feather- What Birds Can Teach Us About Designing the Perfect Room, I shared a design for the first flat lay, inspired by realistic photo art of Pintail duck and eagle Read more […]

Create an Exotic Global Style Living Room with a Gorgeous Blue Rug

Create an exotic global style living room with a gorgeous blue rug

Bohemian style celebrates warm earthy colors, metals and jewel tones. Bohemian decor often uses deep browns, greens, grays or other neutral colors for base colors, then accessorizes with saturated purple, fiery orange, and electric blue and other jewel tones. Bohemian style lovers are often carefree, dislike rules and want to follow their heart’s desire! Do you like vintage furniture and light fixtures, globally inspired textiles and rugs, and love displaying your collections of cool things Read more […]