Are You Attached to an Ugly House? Six Tips to Set Yourself Free

This week I had a design consultation that gave me a lot of insights into why people have ugly houses. Attachment, attachment, attachment! Let it all go. In my personal transformation classes, I learned that attachment to people, things, outcomes, etc. is the cause of most of our suffering. We stress over outcomes and how people behave. We try to control things because we get “attached” to an end result we want. We expect people to behave a certain way because we are attached to our beliefs Read more […]

Can Creating a Perfect Space Make You Happy?

I am so glad you are here.I get it. Over the last year, you may have spent more time at home than you wanted to.  You may have thought, OMG, this is not working for me! I don’t like the way my house looks or feels. I don’t have enough room. I have too much stuff. The colors suck. I don’t have a space to work, work out, or for peace and quiet.You are working on creating your dream life…. improving your career, health, and relationships. Some of those things may have been on hold for a while.Are Read more […]