I Learned To Solve All My Interior Design Problems by Dancing- There Can Only Be One Star

There Can Only Be One Star in Every Show There can only be one star in every show.This one star shines brighter than all the rest.The audience knows that is the person that will bring the magic to them.They can't take their eyes off the star.  There should only be one star. Photo by Gage Smith on Unsplash The Star Can Be The Group- If They Dance as One. But what if there is a group of performers? The star is the group and the unified magical Read more [...]

I Learned to Solve all my Interior Design Problems by Dancing- Be Brave

Bravery.It is a good quality to have, in dancing,  design, and life.Often, we are afraid to put ourselves out there and be who we really are for fear others will judge us.Guess what? They will judge us no matter what we do. It is human nature to make meaning of everything.  So, why give others the power to control how we live?Be yourself. Be brave. Let your uniqueness shine through in your dance or design. It is a beautiful gift you give to yourself and others.And, bravery makes the magic happen. Read more [...]

I Learned to Solve all My Interior Design Problems by Dancing- Create Drama with Shapes

I learned to solve all my Interior Design problems by dancing. This is Part 3 on my revelations from dancing, on how to create a drama with shapesAs I mentioned in my first article, the older I get, the more I realize the connections between all things artistic. The same principles apply to making the magic happen in Interior Design or any other art form. You just need to open your eyes, listen, and feel it to notice.It always seems to come back to the alignment between art (creativity), science Read more [...]