I Learned to Solve all My Interior Design Problems by Dancing- Create Drama with a Focal Point

I learned to solve all my Interior Design problems by dancing. This is Part 2 of my revelations from dancing, on how to create a dramatic focal point. As I reflect on my journey, it becomes increasingly clear that the threads of artistic expression weave a tapestry that transcends individual disciplines. The principles that animate the magic in Interior Design are akin to those that breathe life into any art form. The key lies in our ability to perceive, to truly see, listen, and feel. At the Read more […]

I Learned To Solve All My Interior Design Problems by Dancing- Surprise Me

Surprise and Delight! A great dance performance always has a surprise. It might be an unexpected twist in the storyline. It might be the unveiling of the dancer so you see her beautiful face or costume.Maybe it is the revealing of an unexpected part of the costume that was hidden that causes the audience to gasp in surprise and delight. Surprise and Delight!! Persian Miniature Dance. The silk butterfly wings were hidden until the moment of “transformation” Read more […]

I Learned to Solve All My Interior Design Problems by Playing Music- Every Part Must Do Its Part

Every Part Must Do Its Part Music is made of parts and every part is critical to making the magic happen. When they work together perfectly, then you have created a masterpiece! All music has a structure. This usually includes a series of parts in order such as an introduction, a verse that is repeated several times with variations, a chorus or bridge that is different, and often the memorable highlight of the piece, a few more verses, and an ending. Often there are solos in the chorus. All Read more […]

I Learned To Solve All My Interior Design Problems by Playing Music

Contrast is the Key to Striking Beauty While in my doumbek class last week, my drum teacher Amir Etemadzadeh, who is a native of Iran was talking about the importance of being able to distinguish clearly all the notes we can make on our drums. The more notes, the better.  The more clearly they are different from each other, the better and more beautiful it sounds to the listener.Amir describes it as creating a beautiful and delicious meal and all the notes are like the spices and layers that Read more […]

I Learned To Solve All My Interior Design Problems by Dancing- Bring on the Bling

Bring on the Bling A dance performance needs some bling.It can be sparkly and glittery jewelry or fabrics that create magic under the stage lights. It can be accessories that make musical or percussive sounds as you move. It might be the tassels and sparkly bits that show off your movements. It could be or a costume with cultural elements that tells the story of the dance or the culture it came from.  The bling adds depth, excitement and the final touches.It is about more than beauty. It’s about Read more […]