I Learned to Solve all My Interior Design Problems by Dancing- Create Drama with a Focal Point

I Learned to Solve all My Interior Design Problems by Dancing- Create Drama with a Focal Point

I learned to solve all my Interior Design problems by dancing. This is Part 2 on my revelations from dancing, on how to create a dramatic focal point.

As I mentioned in my first article, the older I get, the more I realize the connections between all things artistic. The same principles apply to making the magic happen in Interior Design or any other art form. You just need to open your eyes, listen, and feel it to notice.

It always seems to come back to the alignment between art (creativity), science (color), and energy (connection) that makes the magic happen. I use this alignment to create beautiful dance pieces and interiors.

Let’s start with an example, how to create a dramatic focal point.

Center Stage- The Focal Point of any Dance

As a dancer, I have learned the most important location in a performance is center stage. It is the spot that must be filled, and with something amazing, or you will lose the audience’s interest.

I Learned to Solve all My Interior Design Problems by Dancing- Create Drama with a Focal Point


If you are dancing a solo, that is the place you naturally are, even though you may dance around it and radiate out from the spot in different directions in order to “own the stage”. If you are dancing with a group, this is the place that draws the eyes of the audience, so the most important part of the dance, or the dancer that is being highlighted at that time should be here.

I Learned to Solve all My Interior Design Problems by Dancing- Create Drama with a Focal Point

You are the focal point. The audience knows where to look, and  that if they look at you, they will see what  is most important and interesting about the performance. They do not have to scan the whole stage or the room endlessly, looking everywhere so they will not miss anything. That would be exhausting.

Center stage is where the story begins and ends, where the focus of the dance is, where you will connect with people and make them laugh or cry. It is the place you draw them in and make them feel as they are dancing with you, in you, are part of the magic. It is the place where you are vulnerable, and allow them to see who you really are. It is the place where look back and up, expose your neck for them to love you or cut your throat. It is almost like the dog that lies on its back, exposing its belly and throat to another dog while wagging its tail. Here I am. I want to connect with you with an open heart.

Your costume draws attention, creates drama, highlights the theme, and helps tell the story. The lighting enhances your every beautiful movement.

I Learned to Solve all My Interior Design Problems by Dancing- Create Drama with a Focal Point

From center stage, you can direct their gaze with your beautiful hand movements, and especially with your eyes by looking where you want them to look. This takes the story from center stage out to encompass the whole stage, the whole room or theater if you are good. And if you are fantastic, it extends beyond that into the infinity of the imagination

There is a lot going on in the center of the stage.

The Center Stage of Your Room is Your Focal Point

The focal point of a room is  the star of your show and the center stage of your room. It draws your eyes and gives them a place to rest on the most interesting, beautiful or dramatic thing in the room.

The focal point can create drama, give the area character, tell a story, or extend the space beyond the focal point such as a window with a beautiful view.

 Focal points are often built-in features such as fireplaces, windows with views or interesting walls or ceilings.  It can also be a focal point you created using color and strategic placement of art, a mural, backsplashes or interesting furniture.

Create Drama with Your Focal Point

In this office design, the focal point is the desk area. The focal point is a combination of the hot pink desk and unique green fractal art on the wall behind, creating an area with drama that harmonizes with the dramatic outdoor view and colors. The focal point draws you into the room but also extends your focus outdoors at the same time.

The focal point tells the story of someone who is unique, artistic and colorful, and very connected to nature. The accessories (flower vase and lamp with a base that looks like stone) harmonize with the theme. The lighting from the beautiful lamp, the lighting that highlights the art, and the natural daylight all emphasize the focal point and colors.

Learn more about this project in my article, The Colors of Summer, Bring the Outdoors In.

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By Mary Ann Benoit

President- Northern Lights Home Staging and Design Owner- Arctic Paradise Bed and Breakfast Artist- Stained Glass, Jewelry and Alcohol Ink Art Wildlife Biologist Director- Kaleido World Percussion and Dance Company Director- Tavus Dance Company of Alaska Lover of music, art, dance and animals.


  1. This is such a great series – and proves, once again, that art across all forms has a consistency of characteristics and when well done, feeds the soul!

  2. The arts are all related! I love the parallels you have defined between dance and design.

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