I Learned To Solve All My Interior Design Problems by Playing Music

Contrast is the Key to Striking Beauty While in my doumbek class last week, my drum teacher Amir Etemadzadeh, who is a native of Iran was talking about the importance of being able to distinguish clearly all the notes we can make on our drums. The more notes, the better.  The more clearly they are different from each other, the better and more beautiful it sounds to the listener.Amir describes it as creating a beautiful and delicious meal and all the notes are like the spices and layers that Read more [...]

I Learned To Solve All My Interior Design Problems by Dancing- The Magic of Transitions

Transitions Make Magic Happen Its the moments between the moments, the transitions, where the real magic happens.Every dance is made up of a series of moves, but how a dancer goes from one move to the next shows what they are made of and creates the flow of the whole performance.What happens in that space between the moves? I bet you never thought of that. Is it like watching a slide show, where you see one picture, and then the next and the next?  Or is it like a film or video where the transition Read more [...]