How Home Staging Works. FAQs for Realtors

FAQs for Realtors on Home StagingYou are interested in selling your listing fast and getting the most money for your client, aren’t you? I’de like to show you how with the following FAQs for Realtors on home staging.FAQs for Realtors on Home Staging – What you need to know about cost, time, value, and how home staging leads to more listings.Most Realtors have heard of home staging and how it can help sell a home faster and for more money but many Realtors still have questions. Here are answers Read more […]

What is the Value of Home Staging? FAQs for Realtors

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Can home staging help me sell my listing faster and for more money? Various reports publish statistics on the benefits and value of home staging. A 2017 report by the National Association of Realtors states that at least 50% of Realtors think staging increases the dollar amount buyers will offer to pay by between 1 and 10%. Also, homes that are staged first before listing spend 90% less time on the market. See the summary of some of the 2017 findings from the National Association of Realtors.   What Read more […]

The Cost of Home Staging-FAQs for Realtors

What is the cost of home staging? Here are some answers for some commonly asked questions.How much does home staging cost?Usually the first question I get! A better question is can home staging help me sell faster and for more? Think of home staging as an investment, rather than a cost.That investment will depend on the size of the house, if it is vacant or occupied, if the stager will do everything or just a consultation, followed by the seller doing the bulk of the work. It also depends on the Read more […]

Home Stagers Help Real Estate Agents Stop Wasting Their “Free Time

Home Stagers Help Real Estate Agents Stop Wasting Their “Free Time “As a real estate agent, you don’t make any money until a home sells, so it’s important for your clients’ homes to stand apart from competing properties. The longer you carry a listing, the more it costs you in marketing fees. Home staging can help differentiate your clients’ homes from the competition and speed up sales. According to expert home stager Debra Gould, there’s another reason why staging is so crucial. Read more […]