Get the Look- Indian Style Interior Design

What is a Global Design Style? Global styles are all about your worldly adventures and telling your story! They are usually very colorful, rich in bold designs and natural textures, patterns, colors and arts and crafts of various cultures. Each piece has a story and becomes a conversation starter.  Treasures are displayed without rules or grouping by the part of the world each piece is from. Antiques mix with modern pieces, and natural objects such as animal horns, plants and rocks add to the Read more […]

Get the Look- Mexican Style

Global Design Style-Mexican. Get the Look. Eco-friendly and sustainable Living room design by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design #globalstyle #interiordesign #mexicanstyle #bohemian #globaldecor #furniture #livingroom #eco-friendly #sustainabledesign #interiordecorating #edesign #onlinedesign #homedecor #moderndesign

What is Mexican Style? Mexican interiors are full of color, are welcoming, warm and there is often a sense of playfulness and whimsy. A mix of colorful, exotic Spanish and Indian handcrafted items and practical things add old world charm. The furniture is made from solid wood or leather with designs from the Spanish and Mayan cultures. Most are made from pine, walnut and cherry. Sofas, beds and tables often have a rustic look. Rugs are usually hand woven and brightly colored. Multicolored cushions Read more […]