The Power of Color in Home Staging

Color is a very personal thing. We all have our favorite colors and ones we really don’t like. The colors we surround ourselves with, whether in our homes or the clothes we wear affect our mood and be stimulating, relaxing, inspiring or agitating. Because color can have a strong emotional effect on people, it is important to consider how it will affect buyers when you put your home on the market. While you can indulge your love of certain colors when living in the home, those colors may turn Read more […]

Do I need to stage a high end home?

Do you need to stage a high end home? I often get calls from home owners who have put high end homes on the market but they are not selling. ¬†After sitting on the market with no offers, they wonder why? So before yet another large price reduction, they wonder if staging will help.Why would it be important to stage a nice high end home before listing? Here are a few examples. The personal taste of the owner does not appeal to the majority of buyers. You may have beautiful Read more […]

Will Buyers Fall in Love with Your Vacant House?

Selling a vacant house is difficult, for a variety of reasons. With nothing else to look at, buyers tend to focus on every flaw. Buyers have a hard time visualizing how big the space¬† is and it often appears smaller than it is. They can not picture how their own furniture might fit in the space, especially if you have a challenging layout. And most important, it is very difficult for buyers to make an emotional connection with a vacant house! They look a little sad and lonely! Here is an example Read more […]