My Top Ten Interior Design Tips

My top ten Interior Design Tips - Northern Lights Home Staging and Design
My top ten Interior Design Tips - Northern Lights Home Staging and Design

Here are my top ten Interior Design tips to create a beautiful space that is uniquely aligned with you, tells your story and is your favorite place in the world!

Make an Interior Design Plan

You are much more likely to get the end result you want if you start with an Interior Design plan. Many people just start buying things they like, hoping that it will all work together in the end. This usually does not work. A designer can help you develop an overall plan to guide you before you buy anything. This starts with really understanding your own style, what you want and how your design will enhance how you live in your space.

Tell Your Own Story

It is easy to see pictures in a magazine or online of a room and think, “I want that”.  To have a beautiful interior design you will love and will be unique, you need to tell your own story! Those pictures may serve as inspiration, but the items may not fit well in your space, fit your lifestyle, or work with things you own. Find things you love and are meaningful to you, give them a place of honor and build the design around them.

Buy what you Love

It is better to buy what you love, even if it is more expensive and it takes longer to get all the pieces you want than to rush to finish your design project by buying cheaper items. The things you love will make you happy over the long term, while you may lose interest in the other items quickly. Try to find classic items that will stand the test of time, rather than something trendy. Trends fade quickly as will your interest in it.

Be Brave with Color

Color makes magic happen, affects the way you feel in a space and is easy to change. Painting is a cheap way to make a dramatic difference. Get help from a color consultant or Interior Designer to determine the perfect colors for you that also work with your finishes and furniture.

Let there be light

Add magic to a space with layers of light. Find beautiful fixtures that add overhead lighting, mixed with lamps at mid-level and task lighting. Accent lighting on art and under cabinets look great.


We often collect so many things that nothing has a chance to shine. Get rid of the things you do not love.  Give the things you love a place of honor and enough uncluttered space around them so the eye is drawn to them and you can appreciate it. You can always put the other things away and change out the items you want to highlight for variety.

Be Patient

A great interior design perfectly suited to you happens in layers and takes time. Be patient.

Create a sanctuary for yourself

Your space should not only look good but feel good, give you a place to re-charge and feel like your favorite place in the world.

Change it up

Using more neutral colors for the walls and furnishings allows you to change the other colors in the room such as accent pillows, art and accessories as often as you like for variety.

Break the rules

If it looks good, feels good and you love it, do it!

My top ten Interior Design Tips - Northern Lights Home Staging and Design
My top ten Interior Design Tips – Northern Lights Home Staging and Design

Need Help Creating Your Perfect Space?

Everyone needs a game plan that considers their whole house, its design and colors in a wholistic way before you buy anything, start remodeling or move things around. Great design considers art , science and energy to create a perfect plan for you. My Aligned Design consultation considers everything to give you a great game plan.  From there, if you need to purchase new things and additional detail, we can add on specific Edesign packages to give you what you need.

Aligned Design System by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design
Online or In Person?


Edesign or Online Design of One Room

Are you just redoing 1 room? While I still recommend an Aligned Design Consultation first to make sure you have a game plan for your house and the room design works with it, you have some options to just work on a room alone with one of my Edesign or online services.

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By Mary Ann Benoit

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